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Book preview and author Q&A: Mr Darcy by Alex Field


I stumbled across this gorgeous Mr Darcy book online while doing one of my regular trawls. Published in 2011, this book for young readers, written by Alex Field and illustrated by Peter Carnavas, is a gorgeous little hardback from New Frontier Publishing (ISBN:978-1921042836).

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The Art Cannot Be Damaged Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice

With an intriguing foreword from Mike Tyler that throws Pride and Prejudice and humanity into perspective, I was thrilled to receive a copy of this book from New York’s The Art Cannot Be Damaged. Signed by Mike himself, I was seriously over-excited when it came in the mail after having fallen in love with the cover, as seen on my Top Ten Borders Pride and Prejudice Covers post. I have become deeply smitten holding it in print form. It’s terrific, well edited, and Tyler has me pondering new points about Pride and Prejudice, the book he refers to as: “There are great subjects and then there is the great subject. The great subject is love. You have in your hands … the book of love.”

He mentions that the structure of the book is “organic”, a point that I wholeheartedly agree with- it is written seamlessly. In the same way that judges on So You Think You Can Dance always lament that you shouldn’t be able to see the dancer “thinking” about the steps, you should never be able to see an author planning the next chapter. He explains that it is a novel about choices. About choosing to love, choosing your actions and that “A work of art, like love, is the ideal become real, and so in love we all get to be artists.” I might be gushing, but I adore this foreword for making me feel all “Squee” and squishy inside with romance over My Favourite Book once again. His focus on the importance, the duality, the multi-facets and the prominence of love sums up Pride and Prejudice perfectly.

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