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The Pride and Prejudice Flipback book

“Join the reading revolution – A revolutionary new book format, giving book lovers a real reading experience with the portability of a mobile phone.” – Flipback launch brochure

With bible-thin pages from London-based Hodder & Stoughton, ISBN: 9781444730562, is this beautiful carry-around copy of Pride and Prejudice. But, positioning itself as the new-era rival to the Kindle and other eReaders, whether it is actually readable and has that “print experience” is up for debate. Continue reading


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Literary Criticism: “Austen didn’t need a Wonderbra™, was their argument …”

A little look at Dr. Olivia Murphy’s essay: “Books, Bras and Bridget Jones: reading adaptions of Pride and Prejudice

A lot of literary criticism is hard to get into.  From my highschool extension english days, and my university readings, I know that a lot of it can be plain painful.  However, occasionally I come across something that is so worth reading, and such a joy to read, that I want to share it.  And who better with, than other Pride and Prejudice fans?  Especially when the title of said essay is as enticing as it is.

This piece is mainly a critique on the 1995 adaptation (the Colin Firth, Jennifer Ehle one) and sort of a personal interrogation over our own readings and obsessions with Pride and Prejudice, in sort of what was once referred to as a ‘head fake’ by the amazing legacy that is Randy Pausch.  One thing that most of us Janeites, and worshippers-at-the-altar-of-Colin-Firth know is that there is a lot of sex in the BBC’s Pride and Prejudice, even if there isn’t any actual… well… y’know… sex. That probably doesn’t make a lot of sense, but anyone who has seen the wet-shirt scene, or the ‘gazing adoringly as Lizzy plays on the piano’ scene knows the sort of sex I’m talking about.  It’s thick with it, but it’s the just out of reach sort that most of us Austen fans love so much. Continue reading

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At what age should you read Pride and Prejudice?

Firstly, apologies for the long absence of posts (I’ve been on holidays!). However, I’m back to blog again, and with a new question sent to me from a reader.

This isn’t a first for this question, and is definitely something I have thought about before as have many others.  I was about fourteen when I read the book, I understood it all and fell completely in love with it.  This seems, to me, to be the average appropriate age for a first reading.  But I have found that my understanding has changed with time, as has my appreciation of the language, characters and storyline.  When you’re in your younger teenage years, I feel as though you like it as a chick-lit type book, romantic slush that is a bit more sophisticated.  But now, as I leave my teens, I see it more as a mirror I can hold up to different types of people, and as a criticism of certain types of relationships- albeit with a happy ending. Continue reading


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