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APP REVIEW: Stride and Prejudice by No Crusts Interactive

Now I’m back in Sydney and making the most of the wifi, I thought I’d take a look at some of the games cropping up to play. I found this one. It’s called ‘Stride and Prejudice’ and it’s the simplest, but most addictive, thing in the world – and just $0.99(US) from No Crusts Interactive. Described as an ‘endless runner based on Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen’ it’s essentially a mix between your typical ‘jump onto each platform as the screen moves’ and enforced reading of classics. It works on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.


You are a pixellated, gowned-up Regency female with gold heels and gloves and a shock of brown curled hair (perhaps Lizzy), and you have to run across the screen jumping from sentence to partial sentence in the book by tapping the screen. Continue reading

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The Jane Austen Quiz and Puzzle Book by Maggie Lane

While on a Regency-worthy getaway in Katoomba (located in Australia’s Blue Mountains) earlier this year, I came across ‘Mr. Pickwick’s: Fine Old Books’ (an oddity of a name, but how quaint!). Katoomba, for the uninitiated, is a town of about 8,000 people and is famous for The Three Sisters and Katoomba Scenic Railway. The shop itself, selling books, art and antiques, had that sort of dim-lit cosy look that feels like a burrow in the manner of The Wind in The Willows or a Quentin Blake illustration. With books from ceiling to floor and on almost every wall of the three storey shop, it’s a miracle that The Jane Austen Quiz and Puzzle Book ended up with me as I left (NB: a surprise gift from a very lovely person).

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GAME Review- Matches and Matrimony: A Pride and Prejudice Tale

I had low expectations for a visual novel computer game based on Pride and Prejudice, but I was rather elated to play this somewhat elegant adventure.  Reflexive Entertainment has brought us this Russell Carroll game that you can download for a one hour trial (quite sufficient for a bit of light entertainment) or for $7.27 discounted price over at Big Fish Games.  While I thought it would be a virtual version of Being Elizabeth Bennet (and to some extent this is true) the different aspects and even the game play were all executed in quite a new way.

I have to admit, that screenshot looks a little daggy.  But combined with some beautiful music from Isaac Shephard and some elegant prologue/chapter dividers, and a role playing point-and-click style, it turns an amateurish production into a rather memorable gaming experience.  I now look upon the images as a bit more vintage style old school computer images, even if something that 2D is a little paperdoll painful.

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