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Plots and Proposals BBC Alan Rickman – a P&P Parody?

The supposed Pride and Prejudice parody, Plots and Proposals, is a funny sketch I stumbled on a while ago. It was originally broadcast in the UK on Christmas Day 2000 as a christmas special of ‘Victoria Wood with all the trimmings’ and has been broadcast for the last three christmases in the UK. With all the gorgeous set design and extras, it’s as good as it comes with the BBC hallmark quality but with a Blackadder-esque sense of humour attached. Written by Victoria Wood, and directed by John Birkin, the wordy screenplay is no doubt enjoyable for any Janeite.

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Yet ANOTHER director for PPZ

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, the (hopefully) soon to be started Lionsgate flick, has undergone a turbulent year of different directors, rumours and actors in-and-out.  So, I bring you another potential director Craig Gillespie known mostly for some episodes of that series The United States of Tara (which I disliked) and Oscar-nominated Lars and the Real Girl.  He’s also doing the 1985 Fright Night remake that should be hitting the screens in August.

But why has it been so difficult for this venture to find a director?  Particularly when it has a high cult following, and is almost guaranteed to make some big numbers at the Box Office? Is it, as frequently suggested, scheduling problems?

(Trailer: Lars and the Real Girl)

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Would you like to go to a Regency House Party?

I cannot believe that I have not seen this stunning piece of work before. In the manner of Frontier House, a series called Regency House Party is born. It’s a sort of 1700s dating game (actually “1811”), where for nine weeks five single men and women are taken back two hundred years in time to court one another. Set in Kentchurch Court in Herefordshire this is a shocking change for all of the participants and is made to be very authentic (with chaperones, suckling pigs… the whole deal).  It has lovely little snippets about the Regency era, and shows the transformation of the men and women into their historical counterparts.  Plus, it’s all on youtube.

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