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Fanfiction Review: Ebb and Flow by Ayden

This is the first long-form non-published fanfiction that I have bothered to read, and I really enjoyed myself.  After running into it interestedly over at ‘Mrs. Darcy’s Story Site’ I ended up ploughing quickly through the first few chapters, and then organising time in my mind to read the rest.  It’s called ‘Ebb and Flow’, written by a contributer called Ayden in 2007 (she also wrote ‘The Great Game’).  The way it is written is prosaic, with nice embellishments here and there to describe different emotions and for scenic value, which makes it a very easy read that suits this retelling style of fiction very well.  It does not require an intimate knowledge of Pride and Prejudice itself as the storyline is modernized and very altered, but the characters remain organic and fresh, despite being obvious representations of their Regency counterparts. Continue reading


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