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Are you seeking a Mr. Darcy?

I recently stumbled across a new blog that completely piqued my interest. It is called ‘Seeking Mr Darcy’. One girl, Lisa, aka Fairy Godmother, had set up this site to find a “Mr Darcy” for her best friend whose alias, fittingly, is “Elizabeth Bennet”. In what appears to be a labour of love, Lisa had set out to find the right man for her friend.

The idea just struck me as way too cute to pass up (what a sweet thing to do for your friend!), and Pride and Prejudice is about nothing if not friendship afterall!  So, I decided to send our matchmaker a line and see just what provoked the blog and why she chose our favourite literary couple to find her friend a man!

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Mr. Darcy seeking on Craigslist

And the simple nuances of online dating

I was doing the Daily Google, when I came across a most amusing advertisement on Craigslist, from a 22 year old in Utah, that goes:

“I know this crazy, but I am looking for my Mr. Darcy… yes, from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice! I am looking for someone educated, who loves to read, is interested in politics and social justice Continue reading

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