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No Mr Darcy Blog, a Q&A with Sara Mitchell

“Working on the Me before He”- tagline for www.nomrdarcy.com

On one of my internet trawls (I use this word, as it is very much me swimming head-first with my mind wide open, scraping for information) I stumbled on a blog entitled ‘No Mr Darcy’.  Feeling very intrigued, I entered, only to fall down the rabbit hole yet again.  22 year old Sara, qualified in writing/literature/publishing from Emerson College, Boston, gave herself the challenge of not dating for a year. And then opened up the doorway for the rest of us to peer in curiously. It’s a treasure, and she spills all with astounding honesty on her blog.  But why NO Mr. Darcy? And how can we use Austen to relate to our own lives? It’s all below in a Q&A.

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Are you seeking a Mr. Darcy?

I recently stumbled across a new blog that completely piqued my interest. It is called ‘Seeking Mr Darcy’. One girl, Lisa, aka Fairy Godmother, had set up this site to find a “Mr Darcy” for her best friend whose alias, fittingly, is “Elizabeth Bennet”. In what appears to be a labour of love, Lisa had set out to find the right man for her friend.

The idea just struck me as way too cute to pass up (what a sweet thing to do for your friend!), and Pride and Prejudice is about nothing if not friendship afterall!  So, I decided to send our matchmaker a line and see just what provoked the blog and why she chose our favourite literary couple to find her friend a man!

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10,000 pounds a year…

After sitting back with a steaming cup of orange pekoe tea (it’s from Sri Lanka, did you know?) and a file of Pride and Prejudice fan fiction on my computer, I soon got drawn in.  Lavish modern scenes were thrown around Mr. Darcy, as he swans from one high class restaurant to another, from the Ritz to the Hilton.  It was a great hour or two, and then I suddenly thought… in today’s monetary terms, how much would ‘10,000 pounds a year’ actually be?  We know that it is a considerable sum, but enough to spend most of your life on a yacht?  Enough to randomly buy Lizzy a Ferrari or some other type of over-priced car?

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