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Pride and Prejudice Tote Bag and other Austen-merc favourites

I couldn’t resist buying this bag (yes, I’m a terrible spend thrift when it comes to Austen merchandise). I saw it on the rack in Kinokuniya, in The Galeries, Sydney and just had to pick it up. For (AU)$17.95 I thought it was a great buy, and especially needed at the time as I’d just bought several books and one of my grocery bags was splitting.

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Queensland Floods Pride and Prejudice Auction

For those readers who don’t live in Australia, or watch the news, Queensland is currently undergoing a terrible natural disaster.  There is widespread flooding, leaving a trail of destruction of homes, belongings and cars- and worst of all causing there to be numerous missing people and deaths.  It is hard to imagine this sort of terror happening in one’s own country, if in the world at all and what those people are going through we can only guess at. 

Luckily, Australians seem to stick together in times of crisis.  We saw this through the Victorian bushfires, and we see this again with the outpouring of support and fundraisers at this current time.  One such fundraiser is from the blog of Zinnia Pea who is selling a Jane Austen tea pot via auction to raise money for those in strife, the money of which will then be donated to the Queensland Government’s Flood Relief Appeal.

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