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What to expect for Pride and Prejudice’s 200th anniversary

A really important year is coming – 2013. It’s Pride and Prejudice’s 200th anniversary (no, I can barely believe it either!) and the celebrations are going to be kicking off globally. While I’m personally very excited for the number of new books and new editions set to be published (I have a number of reviews already pending for the new year), there’s something very special about attending an actual event. For those of us here in Australia, the pickings might be somewhat more limited than those living in the UK or the US, but we can certainly have our fair share of entertainment.

I’ve done some searching early, and have put together a quick calendar for you of events worth considering around the country. If you hear of any others, by all means let me know, but this is what I’ve discovered so far. Also, I’ve marked on those I’m definitely going to or considering attending – if you’re coming, let me know.

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Pride and Prejudice discussions at Book Group

If you’re a regular reader of The Bennet Sisters, you’ll know that once a month I go to a Jane Austen Book Group with four other girls from all over Sydney (to a backdrop of my slightly younger brother calling me a ‘nerd’.  Nice).  We have met three times and covered two books (Sense and Sensibility and now Pride and Prejudice), attempting to read them in order of publication.  On Friday, it was the Pride and Prejudice meet up- and so, armed with my Vintage Austen copy of P&P, I spent the entire month re-reading and re-analysing the book.  It has been quite an experience.  Also, luckily, this book meet just about coincided with Austenprose’s ‘Pride and Prejudice without Zombies- Reclaiming the Classic’ event (a re-reading of the original novel), which I have been following with a lot of interest (and has some excellent giveaways you should keep your eyes peeled for on the Austenprose site!).

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