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Book Review: Being Elizabeth Bennet by Emma Campbell Webster

This book managed to irritate and entertain in different parts.  Perhaps it was the lack of choices, rather heavy reliance on a point system and the often awkward inclusion of characters, but it left a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth.  If you’ve read a “Create your own Adventure” novel before, you will know what this book has in store when it subtitles itself “Create your own Jane Austen Adventure”.  For the others, I will explain in full.  Disjointed storylines are symptomatic of this book genre, a genre of which I am admittedly not a fan, and Webster did have a better attempt at it than most.

So, will you die a horrible death?  Marry Mr. Darcy?  Become a writer?…

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Jane Austen, An Illustrated Treasury Review

Jane Austen- An Illustrated Treasury “Featuring removable memorabilia including handwritten letters, drafts, and more”- Rebecca Dickson

I popped into a Barnes & Noble in Melbourne and this was the second book I picked up!  It’s exclusive to B & N and completely fantastic, hence why, although you can get in all over the place… I still decided to buy it when I could (and subsequently, with all my other purchases, go over my baggage allowance… oops!).  It’s elegant, and while the idea of reproduction materials that you can take out might sound tacky, it’s actually executed really well.  There are these lovely little designs around the pages, swirls and cute detailing on chapter headings that set it off (and send me into Austen-appreciation-mode) really well.  The colour scheme is also fantastic, a dusty blue and blush mix that makes it a pleasure to look at.   But what about a pleasure to read?

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