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When other authors hate Pride and Prejudice…

Browsing in Basement Books on my way home from UTS yesterday, I came across “Poisoned Pens” edited by Gary Dexter, “Literary invective from Amis to Zola”. It was AU$7.95 (original price AU$24.95) for the hardback, and the quote in the dust jacket sealed the deal.  If you’re really keen to have a read though, the entire thing is on Google Books here for you to peruse (especially have a read of the introduction) – and you can do a quick search for Jane Austen to see all the snippets I will be discussing below.

“Every time I read Pride and Prejudice I want to dig her up and hit her over the head with her own shin bone” -Mark Twain on Jane Austen, it read. Amusing, giggle-worthy words and I decided to buy the book for hopes of more Austen tidbits.

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