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More Pride and Prejudice, and Austen, advertisements

After my previous post about Pride and Prej being used to sell condoms, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled more than ever.  As a result, I stumbled across this advertisement on Facebook (of course, it caught my eye, and I actually “liked” an advertisement, which I have never done before).  I screen captured it and cropped it off my profile to put into this post.  If you have seen it before, let me know.  Obviously, Facebook advertisements work on the basis of key words in your profile (so for us Janeites this tends to appear) as well as on relationship status et cetera, which means that it can be a little creepy when it appears to read your mind.

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Pride and Prejudice Drinking Game

Most of us university students love to drink (especially cheap, non-descript alcohol) but I think that drinking games can be harnassed by all Pride and Prejudice fans (after all, they constantly drunk themselves into stupors at balls and so forth- how else do you put up with wearing a corset?). 

Mostly Water Theatre did a fantastic live skit of this sort of idea, with the title “The Jane Austen Drinking Game”.  You will laugh your head off.   This is binge drinking like you have never seen it before:

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If only the Pride and Prejudice characters were on Facebook…

And other P&P related boredom busters on Facebook.

In a Facebook-addicted world, it’s hard to imagine life without a profile, a list of friends and tagged photos.  This leads for a lot of social issues, but it’s quite interesting to speculate about what Mr. Darcy and Lizzy’s profiles would be like.  Well, as strange as it sounds, they’re already on facebook.  Continue reading


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