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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies… The Graphic Novel

Yeah, we’re all getting a teensy bit sick and tired of the P&P&Z posts, but here’s another one… and I’m actually a bit excited.  To be released on 4 May this year (though I have seen 5 May floating around), the new novel is a Del Rey piece, said to be being adapted by Tony Lee and illustrated by Cliff Richards (who you might know from some Marvel comics pieces).

Graphic novels are a guilty pleasure of mine, but with a film already in the making… is this a PPZ overkill?  I have read some people say they would never read the book, but would give the graphic novel a look- so maybe it’s appealing to a whole new audience.  Maybe it’s getting other people into classics.  Maybe it should be released a lot later on. Maybe it’s not.  I don’t know. Continue reading

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