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When other authors hate Pride and Prejudice…

Browsing in Basement Books on my way home from UTS yesterday, I came across “Poisoned Pens” edited by Gary Dexter, “Literary invective from Amis to Zola”. It was AU$7.95 (original price AU$24.95) for the hardback, and the quote in the dust jacket sealed the deal.  If you’re really keen to have a read though, the entire thing is on Google Books here for you to peruse (especially have a read of the introduction) – and you can do a quick search for Jane Austen to see all the snippets I will be discussing below.

“Every time I read Pride and Prejudice I want to dig her up and hit her over the head with her own shin bone” -Mark Twain on Jane Austen, it read. Amusing, giggle-worthy words and I decided to buy the book for hopes of more Austen tidbits.

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Critcisms of the book we love…

(And why they are neither here nor there)

It is a truth universally acknowledged that all people with taste must be a fan of Pride and Prejudice (Will I ever tire of that allusion?  I doubt it).  However, a quirky article from The Examiner “The 50 bext author vs author putdowns of all time” reveals some fairly harsh blows to our beloved Jane, from some prominent and fantastic writers we all know.

This caused me to dig up some interesting criticisms of Pride and Prejudice.  I can’t say I agree with a single one of them, but they certainly are amusing. Continue reading


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