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Book Review: Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict

“That’s when I decided to order myself a large clam-and-garlic pizza and reread Pride and Prejudice. I would self-medicate with fat, carbohydrates, and Jane Austen, my number one drug of choice, my constant companion through every breakup, every disappointment, every crisis” – Page 33

I have been meaning to pick up this read from Laurie Viera Rigler for quite some time, having read and reviewed the sequel Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict about a couple of years ago via a video blog (which unfortunately got taken down when I deleted that account). I finally saw it in paperback for (AU)$19.99 in Blacktown Westfield’s Dymocks ISBN 9780452289727.

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Postsecret and embarassing Pride and Prejudice confessions

Postsecret- Frank Warren

Postsecret is a blog that is made up of secrets written on postcards.  It sounds sort of silly, but it’s a heartfelt reminder of all the similarities and differences between people.  It can be soothing, shocking and even L-O-L funny at times, but everything about it seems to be sincere.  But why am I posting this on a Pride and Prejudice blog?  Because one postcard, about two weeks ago, came in that was my own secret through and through, but from some other place in the world, and it said “When I daydream, I pretend I’m the heroines in Jane Austen’s works.”   And it begged the question… what hidden secrets do we have about Pride and Prejudice?



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