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Pride and Prejudice in magazines – The Simple Things

I work in the magazine industry and, therefore, have a lot of love for anything with a glossy (and sometimes matte) cover that has something resembling photos and text inside. What I love more than magazines, however, is finding a Pride and Prejudice reference in them. This happened with the latest available copy of The Simple Things magazine, Issue 3 (at least the latest issue here in Australia. No really, I’ve searched and even emailed the available contact emails, and there is no sign of Issue 4 in Sydney).

And yes, this is my darling kitten (and one of my own simple things that makes life that much better, along with Merlot, Pride and Prejudice and, um, magazines).


As I opened Issue 3 after much hunting, I was well-rewarded with a Mr. Darcy reference on Page 19 in an interview with Cassandra Ellis. Continue reading


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The “Kiss Controversy”, and over-sexualisation of Pride and Prejudice

If you haven’t seen the 2005 Keira Knightley (Joe Wright) Pride and Prejudice go and watch it now.  Then, on the DVD, check out the extra alternate ending.  Also known as the American/US ending.  This blog post will include spoilers of that ending, so if you want to wait until you have seen it, stop reading now.

Otherwise, this is the ending that started it all:

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