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Pemberley or Manderley?

Sitting in Palmer and Co., a prohibition-style bar in Sydney’s Merivale area that blares 1920s music in sepia-toned mood lighting, we began discussing Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier as our latest book club read. Around us are shelves filled with strange objects – grey top hats, cage-looking iron implements, and walls covered with black and white photographs and mug shots of convicts. It’s strangely fitting for the book, and while the cocktail ‘Fire and Brimstone’ (which would have been perfect for Manderley, and actually had earl grey in the mix) was sold out, we drank and watched as patrons donned fascinators and crept in and out.

Somewhere in-between updating each other with our lives in the month past and trying to hear each other over the music, the question “Manderley or Pemberley?” came up.

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When reality television gets its hands on Pride and Prejudice…

I just read this story.  In short, a television series (Bravo’s “Work of Art: The Next Great Artist” which is self-explanatory- oh and involves Sarah Jessica Parker somehow) asked the contestants to come up with a book cover design for one of several classics.  And, shock horror, Pride and Prejudice was on that list.  Now, now.  I have seen some ugly covers in my time (and I pick up every copy of Pride and Prejudice I see just for a look), but these just take the biscuit! Continue reading

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A Fake First Edition Pride and Prejudice?

I found something today that really bothered me. I’m not sure why, but it annoys me endlessly. It’s this new idea called ‘Hide a Cover’, which sets you back about 6 bucks… so you can pretend you are reading something weighty and worthwhile.  So you can hide your ‘Public Speaking for Dummies’ with a Pride and Prejudice cover, or your Mills & Boon with ‘Decoding Binary’. 

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