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Q&A with Caleb and Maia- lead actors 2010 Pride and Prejudice film!

As I recently posted in my Q&A with Bonnie Mae (screenwriter, producer and director) there is a fantastic upcoming movie this year, 2010, from PaperCut Productions LLC– a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice!  Not only did I have the absolute pleasure of speaking with Bonnie, but the two lead actors Caleb Grusing and Maia Petee (seen in the pic below), playing Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet (of course!), have answered a whole tonne of questions that we’ve been dying to ask.

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Q&A with Bonnie Mae

Questions and answers with Bonnie Mae- screenwriter, producer and director.

(From left to right: Caleb Grusing- Darcy, James O’Hagan-Murphy- Mr Hurst and Krista Reckner- Mrs Hurst)


Having written the script for Pride and Prejudice (2010): A Modern Day Tale Of First Impressions (Papercut Productions LLC), Bonnie is not only well-versed in Austen, but is also keenly interested in how Austen fits into our current lives.  Continue reading


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