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More and more Pride and Prejudice Advertising…

To me, there’s nothing else other than some strong allusions to Pride and Prejudice (or Austen in general) that will make me buy a product.  Commercials, trailers, advertisements… you name it, if it has Pride and Prej in it I will undoubtedly manage to acquire it.  Especially if the ad is good.

I have been trying to angle all of my Facebook ads towards anything Austen/bookish.  So for all the annoying iLasik advertisements that pop up, I press the thumbs down and say ‘uninteresting’ or one of the other synonyms they let you choose from.  I finally had a little break through with this, slightly, Pride and Prejudice related advertisement, that is painfully similar to the last:

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Pride and Prejudice and condoms

For bad advertising, read this post: “Regency Condoms”

In August 2009, Trojan thought it would be a good idea to take our favourite Austen novel, mash together some of the famous lines and come up with a “Trojan 2Go” condom advertisement.  I guess the point isn’t to appeal to Janeites, and probably not even to women, and yet it still irritates me more than it should.  Perhaps it’s the lack of attention to detail, and the caricatures, but it really doesn’t sit well with me.  Nonetheless, it’s interesting viewing:

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