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Pride and Prejudice and Polling booths… Australia votes

What, in the name of all things holy, has Australia’s (2010 and most ridiculous ever) election got to do with Pride and Prejudice?  Well, you’re in for a giggle (especially if you kept track of the #ausvotes Twitter tag, or just the whole still ongoing debacle via the news).

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The Pride and Prejudice and Zombies GRAPHIC NOVEL is here…

Illustrated by Cliff Richards (who did Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Cover art by Tony Lee (also did the Doctor Who comics)

I’ll admit that I haven’t been super excited, and so haven’t yet bothered to go and get a copy (and it costs about (AU)$23 and I’m a struggling student).  However, following the recent Twilight graphic novel… it can’t get much worse, right?  I’m reserving judgement.  Apparently it’s all black-and-white, with an organic style (meaning that a lot of the original lines that artists put in for scale and sketches behind the pictures are still in the background, so it looks unfinished).  Continue reading


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Pride and Predator movie 2010

Was a Rocket Pictures Production inspired by a MARVEL-illustrated joke?  Was the idea stolen?  Or is it merely a coincidence…?

(Image: Blair Marnell’s concept ‘Pride and Predator’ visualised by Chris Jeffrey, MARVEL comics- Colourist, and John Heebink) Sourced from: SilverBulletComicbooks

What possibly started out as an amusing idea as a prank in 2006 (by Blair Marnell) is being turned into a movie.  Yes, that’s right, Pride and Prejudice and PREDATORS.  As in those creepy looking things from the Alien vs. Predator movie and so on.  Continue reading

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Q&A with Caleb and Maia- lead actors 2010 Pride and Prejudice film!

As I recently posted in my Q&A with Bonnie Mae (screenwriter, producer and director) there is a fantastic upcoming movie this year, 2010, from PaperCut Productions LLC– a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice!  Not only did I have the absolute pleasure of speaking with Bonnie, but the two lead actors Caleb Grusing and Maia Petee (seen in the pic below), playing Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet (of course!), have answered a whole tonne of questions that we’ve been dying to ask.

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The Jane Austen Festival 2010

Canberra, April 15-19

Oh, how much do I long to go!  Dressing up in regency style, attening balls, sewing workshops, learning the country dances and listening to academics about the books themselves while hanging out with fellow Jane-ites.  What a dream!  If you’ve ever felt yourself in need of a real, tangible, taste of Regency then this is for you.  And if you are starved for fellow Austen fans then, similarly, missing this would be a recipe for disaster!  Certainly, as Pride and Prejudice fans, this festival offers an understanding into the book and life at the time that is hard to match… Continue reading


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Q&A with Bonnie Mae

Questions and answers with Bonnie Mae- screenwriter, producer and director.

(From left to right: Caleb Grusing- Darcy, James O’Hagan-Murphy- Mr Hurst and Krista Reckner- Mrs Hurst)


Having written the script for Pride and Prejudice (2010): A Modern Day Tale Of First Impressions (Papercut Productions LLC), Bonnie is not only well-versed in Austen, but is also keenly interested in how Austen fits into our current lives.  Continue reading


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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies… VIDEO GAME

We’ve seen the book and the prequel. Soon to see a movie and a graphic novel. And now a video game?  Is anyone else feeling a little bit drained?  I love a good old zombie-killing game.  Particularly when it involves blood and my iPhone (or iPod Touch if you swing that way).  But this just seems like a waste of time Continue reading


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