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1980 BBC Pride and Prejudice

NB: I haven’t been able to find whether this is 1980 or 1979 (differing accounts everywhere) but I believe it to be either the December of ’79 or the January of ’80 (I think the Jan of ’80 was the first English release?).

I hate the crude cartoon background on opening and crap font that they stick over it, as it seems cheap and really outdated (although can sort of forgive it for the latter considering).  In the current world of Avatar and $300 million productions, it’s hard to step back and consider the constraints on the director, Cyril Coke, due to time and technology.  Despite all this, I liked that the opening included a tribute to the original title “First Impressions” and it didn’t ruin the whole movie of about 5 and a half hours, in two parts. Continue reading

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