Because having an FAQ seems to be the hip thing nowadays.  Hopefully this clears up any issues you might have with the site, gives you a bit more information and serves to answer questions without needing to message me (although feel free to do that, I’m always excited to hear from people).

What is this blog even about?

It’s a bit of a Pride and Prejudice (yes, that book written by Jane Austen ages ag0) shrine.  If you want to know more about why it’s here and the thoughts behind it, then check out the Elizabeth Bennet page.  Feel free to have a browse through my posts, and leave some feedback.

So, um, who actually writes this?

Yes, I should really introduce myself a little bit.  My name is Jennifer Duke but I generally go by ‘Jennie’ (or ‘thatjennie’ when on wordpress), and I live in Melbourne, Australia.  So, G’day.  I’m actually British, but I emigrated in ’04.  I’m the editor of Property Observer (property is another one of my life loves, and one of the reasons Pemberley and I are addicted to each other).  I was born in November 1990.  I have two dogs, two siblings and two parents (still happily married, more in the manner of Lizzy and Darcy than Mr and Mrs Bennet).  I love Pride and Prejudice, as well as all of the Austen novels, and I have a particular reverence for Emma (she is also the heroine I am most like).  I adore history, particularly Regency and Victorian, but I like Ancient History too. I believe in aliens. I wrote the Sydney Vegan Guide. Nothing pleases me more than a good read and a cup of earl grey. When not reporting, reading Austen or writing for pleasure, you’ll find me reading the news and touring Australia’s many heritage sites.

So you aren’t actually that cluey about the novel?

I may not be a literary professor (although I have studied Pride and Prejudice, and I read a lot of critical readings of the book for my own amusement) but I am a dedicated fan.  If there are any inaccuracies in what I have written, I would be very appreciative to hear them so they can be fixed.  I’m quite picky about what goes up on the blog so the standard of accuracy should remain pretty high.  I’ve read P&P countless times and have seen pretty much every adaptation.

Can I get in contact with you?

You most certainly can.  Just check out my ‘Contact’ page and you’ll have instant access to my Twitter, email et cetera.  You can also leave a comment (if it’s a message about a specific post then this is a good idea) and I will respond on the same blog post.  Feedback and constructive criticism are very welcome.

Why did you set this blog up?

Simply because I adore Pride and Prejudice, and blogging, and wanted to put the two together.  It gives me an outlet for my writing, hopefully amuses other fans and evokes discussion about the book.  Check out the Elizabeth Bennet page for more information.

When was is started?

15th February, 2010

Why did you call it The Bennet Sisters?

At the heart of Pride and Prejudice is a group of sisters.  I find these characters to be the most diverse, enthralling and interesting of the book and I believe, strongly, that they are part of what makes the book so important.  I also have siblings of my own, and I find that interactions at home can be very similar to those between the sisters, which makes it very endearing and real.

What won’t I find on this blog?

I don’t talk about rumours that have no foundation without saying that they are just rumours.  I really don’t see the point.  I don’t talk about how to write essays, and I definitely don’t write study notes- although some of what may be on here might be helpful.  I don’t talk specifically about other Austen novels, as much as I love them, because there would be too much ground to cover, but they do get mentioned regularly. You won’t find PR, you won’t find unjustified slagging off of other people and you won’t find anything other than honest opinions.

How are your posts organised?

I organise all my posts into categories under the ‘Home’ page.  Some stories appear in multiple categories, this is to make it easier to navigate and find the post you want.  The categories are simply named, so you know exactly what you’re going to find.  The main page is written in order of the date in which they were written (descending), so you will find the most recent ones at the top as is normal web log practice.

Where do you get your information from?

Honestly?  A hell of a lot of internet searching, emailing and so on.  This blog is my hobby, so I refuse to do anything boring (i.e. I won’t cold call a heap of people like I will for my news stories), but I have no problem in devoting a lot of time to finding things out.  I also talk to a lot of people, endeavour to attend related events, use social media and keep in contact with people I have spoken to in the past.  I also talk to people from other blogs.  Sometimes things fall in my lap, and other times I have to nearly pass out from staring at my screen for so long trying to get a shred of information.  I actually love doing this.  I also use this blog to help me develop my research skills as well as my sub-editing, so all suggestions are welcome.  This blog is run in line with the MEAA Code of Ethics, and pretty much all guidelines of journalistic principles (and if you see something that you think varies from this, then definitely send me a line).

How many people read this blog?

I currently reach over 150 page views daily, frequently over 200, with a lot of variation depending on what and how much I post, but I don’t write with plans to reach thousands – I just want to entertain my loyal readers.  (And if I post, time is a precious commodity of which none of us have enough.)  In that same vein of thought, I try to post as much as possible, but lately this just hasn’t been as possible as I’d like.

What is this that I keep reading about a book group?

As a result of many cumulative factors (a friend having a high-tea, the beginning of this blog, a few Facebook discussions etc) my best friend and I decided to start a Jane Austen book group, where we read each novel in order of publication.  A group of six of us, friends of friends etc, meet once a month, and organise it via Facebook.  Some of our reflections are fantastic, and I just can’t help adding them in. Let me know if you have your own book club, perhaps we can do a Q&A.

Can I quote, reference or use an extract from this blog?

Of course, but you must attribute and link to this site.  If you are going to do so, the title of the site is written: The Bennet Sisters.  I prefer to go by my full name Jennifer Duke, but Jennie is also fine. Source: (c) The Bennet Sisters, Jennifer Duke. It would also be nice if you could contact me first, especially if you are using a large chunk of a blog, for permission- I will endeavour to provide you with any excess details that you might need.  I also love to write about Pride and Prejudice (and the environment, animals, pets, student life et cetera), so if you want me to write an article for your site, blog or similar then all you need to do is ask!

Can I write a post for you?

Yes, you can.  If you have an idea for a story you want to write, feel free to send it through and I will offer any suggestions about who to ask questions to or where to look for information.  If it is of the same style and tone and matches the readership group, then I would be happy to put it up with proper attributions to yourself.  Bear in mind that I currently do the bulk of the stories on here, and so all editorial judgements go through myself, and myself only. But I certainly enjoy the occasional guest post. If, however, your post is written solely to include a link in it to another site or similar, then please don’t ask. I’m more than happy to link back to your blog, but that shouldn’t be the main point!

Can I suggest ideas for posts?

You definitely can.  This is run by myself alone, and obviously doesn’t generate any money or scam you or produce ridiculous pop-ups and banner ads, and coming up with new story ideas is a challenge.  If you want to be profiled or have a Q&A done, then that is also fantastic.  I also accept requests for reviews, but these may take a long time to appear (I’m generally in the process of doing several, and buying new books is an expensive hobby), however don’t be disheartened they will be written eventually.

Do you get any money from this blog?

As mentioned above, I do not get any payments from running this blog.  It is my hobby.  I will not put advertisements up on here, and any that you do see are from WordPress HQ (who put in their own ads to generate money to keep the blogging platform afloat).  If you see any offensive ads, do let me know so I can escalate the problem, but also let WordPress know as it is their material.  I do get sent promotional material from different publishing companies, or receive things for free, and when I do (and then write a post about it) this will be clearly explained within that post.  My editorial integrity is not compromised by free books/products, and I will review with honesty regardless (and still taking the normal charges into account if necessary).

Can I send you products for review or request a mention?

Please do.  Books in Australia are notoriously expensive, and other Pride and Prejudice related products that make up a good section of the reviewing on this site tend to also be pricey (especially with shipping costs).  Bear in mind that I don’t talk about other Jane Austen novels specifically, or just “The Regency” so ensure that your product suits the content of this site beforehand.  Also, as above, I will review with honesty whether the product was sent for free or not.  As for mentions, if I deem the content interesting enough I will be more than happy.  Please see the ‘Contact’ tab above. I also accept books via Netgalley and Kindle (Kindle is preferable due to the time it can take to ship, especially for those sending ARCs).

I have a problem with something you have written.  Will you take it down?

While I do ensure that there is a certain level of “family-friendly” content on this site, I can in no way guarantee that it is all suitable for people under the age of 18.  If you are uncomfortable with a post I have written you have every opportunity in the world to send me an email explaining this.  With reference to your thoughts and their impact on my readers – please include URLs of specific posts and examples – I will decide whether the post will remain up.  My decision is final.  The only exceptions include: when the post mentions yourself (I will take down the offending material depending on the nature of what is written), images or material that is seen to breach copyright (I try my darndest to avoid ripping off other peoples’ works, but in the extreme case that this happens please contact me), the post is spam/posted by a hacker/etc, a post contains illegal or dangerous information.  I will not, however, take down posts because my review is unfavourable or similar. Feel free to leave a comment on those pages stating your own opinion.