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Have an idea for a post?

Maybe you know of an upcoming production/book/release? (NB: I also accept Kindle books for review, as well as unbound and unfinished Galleys. Email me for information.)

Looking for information about the novel/remakes/whatever that you can’t find?

Just want to talk about Pride and Prejudice?

Then send me an email, and I’ll be very happy to have a chat.

I’m a journalist, a huge Pride and Prejudice fan and a Sydney resident with interests as varied as the environment and Tim Burton films.

Email me:
Twitter: @jennieduke

Please note: While I am open to all Pride and Prejudice conversations, if you want help with a school essay then I am probably not the person you should be chatting to.  I’m a fan, not a tutor or a professor.  I’m more than happy to help if you have an original question or want to clarify something, want some inspiration, or want to quote this blog, but please Google your query first (most of the time it has been answered elsewhere comprehensively).  Similarly, I’m not your Mother so I will not be providing you with book summaries or study notes, no matter how nicely you ask me.

The Bennet Sisters has been featured on ABC Statewide Drive (Victoria), La Trobe university’s Upstart! magazine and Jane Austen’s Regency World magazine.

9 responses to “Contact

  1. Hi Jennie!

    Thanks for your comment on the site (Jennifer Ehle fansite)…I love your blog btw !! 🙂

    I’m not much connected with the rest of the online Jane Austen community, though I love Jane Austen and many of the blogs about her! I should publicize more I guess…:)

    • thatjennie

      You should! I’ve started doing a few Q&As and it’s fantastic who you get to talk to!

      I’m creating a page on the blog soon with other Austen/Austen-related sites, so I will definitely add a link.

      If you want to chat, you can email me at: 😀 I’m more than happy to talk about Austen and anything. And, if it’s up your street, then it would be fun to do a Q&A with you about your blog 🙂 x

  2. Hi! love your blog! thank you for visiting mine! now i know where to get my P&P fix!

  3. Hey Jennie!
    I read the Elizabeth Bennet page and share exactly the same opinion. Most people do mention about how the feel about the characters and the book, but you have rightly been able to point out that even in the 18th century, Austen managed to write something that has touched the hearts of so many…..without of course having to write explicitly about the details of sex scenes or anything of the sort. Most books nowadays have so much of it and yet lack the main charm that Austen managed to put into her works. Not that i criticize the former but this very factor makes Austen’s works so wonderful.

    and of course…I LOVE this blog (right at the first sight 😛 )
    🙂 keep posting!!!

  4. Just found your blog and I love it! I made my husband read the first proposal by Darcy to me while in labour with my first child because I thought it would relax me! I’m sorry to say it didn’t work and I found myself screaming at him to get the gas and air……..It didn’t stop me re-reading it though. I’m a novice blogger

  5. Wonderful Blog I am FOLLOWING and FACEBOOKING…. If one can facebook-ing? I don’t have many Austen friends and now know I have been missing out on some GOOD COMPANY. (Liberal Ideas And Lively Conversation)

  6. Melanie Vértiz

    Hi, Jenni. Thanks for all the info and analysis you’ve put into this web site. I liked your essay “Elizabeth & Darcy VS Romeo & Juliet”. I want to have this blog as a reference for one particular essay I’m writting for Literature class, and I figured from your email account that your name is Jennifer Duke, is spelled correctly, or should I change it? Please let me know, i want to give you the credit you deserve.

    PS. I’m from Mexico City and I admire your job 🙂 keep on working hard.

    • JennieDuke

      Hi Melanie,

      I’m so glad you like the blog! Jennifer Duke is correct – I’d love to read your essay when it’s done.

      All the best with it 🙂


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