Elizabeth Bennet

~I fell in love the day I read Pride and Prejudice~

Highschool tells children that Pride and Prejudice is a novel by Jane Austen, published in 1813, that sheds light on regency morality, social structures and norms.  What it fails to tell them is that it represents far more than just the rules of the day.

My small claim to fame to this book is that I once studied at Jane Austen’s school- The Abbey School, Reading.  I don’t think I really knew it at the time, until I moved countries and some years later read Pride and Prejudice, and then happened to glance across her biography.  Since that first reading, I have read it countless times.  I have accidentally started discussions, debates… even full-on arguments about the characters in the books with people I have known for a long time to those I have just met.  I am constantly bumping into other Jane Austen fanatics.

So many people wonder what it is about Pride and Prejudice that resonates with almost every female.  The simple fact is that for millions of women around the world, Elizabeth Bennet is their inner voice.  Their alter ego.  She is not the beautiful, perfect, evenly-tempered Jane Bennet.  She is not the over-the-top man-hungry Lydia.  She is not the awkward, anti-social Mary.  She is not even the tag-along Kitty.  She is the modern, witty, independent Lizzy- who has her own mind and needs.

The fact that she lived almost two hundred years ago in a novel, had probably never seen the world and had definitely never touched an iPhone does not compromise her place in our lives.  It is all the more obvious just how impacting her character is, when we look at the hundreds of books, films and plays that have revamped, recontextualised, re-examined and replayed the original Pride and Prejudice.

I am not an academic.  Obviously.  I have never endeavoured to become qualified to comment on Austen’s works, and I have never written a full novel of my own.  I do, indeed, have a great interest in Pride and Prejudice, and I am a huge fan of anything Austen, but what is written here is solely my opinion.

Within this blog I try not to report things that are just rumours without any basis of fact.  Certainly, I sometimes pick up on a little rumour and insert it within a post- but I make an effort to be transparent and to identify when it is just something I have read.  I also try to check in multiple places to ensure the accuracy of what is written.  Spelling and grammar is of great importance to me.  If you find inaccuracies in either the grammatical or content areas- then definitely send me a line (you can find all my details on the Contact page) so I can check it out and fix what needs fixing.

It is the aim of this blog, The Bennet Sisters, to celebrate all things Pride and Prejudice and try to offer some sort of platform on which discussions about different versions and opinions can take place.

As for what this blog can be classified as, well, herein lies a difficult task. It may accurately be referred to as a ‘Litblog’ with rather a personal bent. It covers reviews of all description, news, opinion, Q&As and so forth. Jane Austen blogs are also numerous, and are rather a niche within this category themselves. I chose a slightly more obscure name for my blog as this isn’t about bringing in revenue or advertising or throwing my work into peoples’ faces. It’s about targeting real fans with information they’re actually interested in, and I think that if they have ended up here, it is most likely because they fall within that category.