Pride & Poetry: Jane Austen fridge magnets

“A box of pride & prejudice & sense & sensibility & more.”

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Fridge magnet poetry is all kinds of awesome and when you combine it with a good topic, such as Jane Austen, then you’re set for fun times. Yes, you can tell the nerds from the state of their fridges and their aptitude for crafting awkward limited words into long winded poetry.

Back in Sydney, I was given the cat fridge magnet poetry as a work Secret Santa Christmas gift and had a hilarious time putting together amusing anecdotes on my fridge.

Over the weekend, my wife, Mother in law and I went to Fitzroy for Vegan Day Out. We had intended to go to Leeton, just over the border, but after a series of rental car dramas this worked out best. After lunch, vegan cheese shopping and dipping into a couple of book shops we went into a shop called Gizmo Gifts, which reminds me of a few of the quirky places in Newtown, and my wife found a Pride and Poetry fridge magnet set in the glass container at the back of the room (I was too busy giggling at goldfish-shaped tea infusers and odd ice-cube shape trays).

She paid $25 for it and I left a happy woman. I think if you live overseas or shop around you may be able to get it cheaper, but I consider it money well spent (on our behalf, um, for me).

Firstly, fridge magnet poetry is always going to be a lot of fun. Secondly, it’s Jane Austen for goodness sake! When I got home, I opened it up for a closer look.

photo 1(31)

I freaking love that there’s a top hat and a bonnet on there. I just wish they came in magnet form too! So damn cute.

Made by MagneticPoetry (and you can buy it online if you’re after a copy), the US brand covers a ridiculous number of topics so basically anything you want is catered for. From boobs and coffee to music, politicians and queer-themed, it’s all there if you want it. Personally, I find ultra-crude fridge poetry hysterical… though I understand that this doesn’t suit everyone’s sensibilities.

For the more discerning, there are themed kits for topics including Shakespeare, wine, Edgar Allen Poet (yes, poet) and Freud. While those who want to go even further can get their hands on Bacon, Dong lover, the F-word and erotic words.

The Pride and Poetry kit comes with more than 200 “Austenesque” words (I didn’t count, the online advertising and the box says so…).

Unfortunately, some of the words that I think are worthwhile including were missing. It does include Jane, Austen, Emma, Proposal, Pride, Prejudice, Romantic, Sense, Sensibility,Persuasion and a bunch of other Regency words you might need (for instance, Scoundrel, horse, piano and proposal).

photo 2(33)

However, it doesn’t include Darcy or Elizabeth or even Pemberley (while it does include Mansfield and Northanger as they are titles). I was also hoping for something like ‘wit’ or similar. While it’s called Pride and Poetry in relation to our dear Pride and Prejudice, it really is a number of the Jane Austen novels mashed into one.

Of course, there’s a limit to what you can really include, and as such a limit to what you can write. Here are a few of our examples.

The first one I tried out a sort of “lesson in a poem”, based on how Jane Austen thinks about charming, romantic characters (in a nutshell: beware!). It was pretty fun to create.

photo 1(32)

The following two are from me (first one) and my partner (second) and we both fought over the words and made our poems simultaneously.

photo 2(34)

photo 3(33)

Now, the pedant in me is freaking out about the lack of capital letters and commas, but it does make it far quicker to write. There was a lot of arguing around where the ‘s’ letters were and who was able to use different words, but we got there (sort of).

You don’t have to only use the words to make poetry either. You can use them to leave hilarious messages for your partner or as slightly cryptic memos to other people in the house. The world is your verbose oyster.

Now we just need to gear up for when I combine the Regency ones with the cat words and leave Emma getting scratched by kittens and Jane playing with balls of twine. It’ll be a blast.

In the meantime, my kitten will just have to be amused with the box.

photo 1(33)

photo 2(35)

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