The Pride and Prejudice role-playing game

We have just seven days to help this project, and I’m thinking it’s worth it! With 1,219 Janeites currently behind it, the Kickstarter project ‘Ever, Jane’ also quickly becoming known as “that Jane Austen game” will not see the light of day without you.

Unfortunately, wordpress won’t let me embed the Kickstarter video (you can see that on their fundraising page), so I’ll show you what you can do via this hilarious youtube video instead.

Currently, $64,903 has been pledged, and there’s a minimum $100,000 goal. So why should you care? Here’s why. It’s an online Jane Austen role playing game, where”it is not about kill or be killed, but invite and be invited with gossip our weapon of choice.”

Set in Regency England, the online role playing game allows you to make your characters, dress them up, build up estates and essentially live out the Regency life you always wanted to have. Plus, you can interact with other people playing. If you’re a gamer, or have been exposed much to the game/online personality world, you may have heard of things like Runescape, Habbo Hotel, Second Life and the Sims. This sort of sounds like a mix of these, with bonnets, snobbery and romance (real romance…) thrown in.

You win points, choose character traits (such as happiness over duty or vice versa) and attend balls and dinner parties. You also need to acquire items before you can attend e.g. gowns, formal attire, carriages and similar.
Download the prototype on the Kickstarter page now.

If you get in now and make a pledge, then you can get anything from a grand estate, to a barouche, to subscription upgrades.

I personally love that gossip is the name of the game here, based on a sleuthing system. It sounds excellent. Similarly fascinating are the FAQs and we suddenly enter into the philosophical difficulties of making this game. For instance, “Does the game reflect the legal distinctions between men and women at this period, or is that playing field leveled in the game?” and “Will you provide choices in race and ethnicity?”. The answers actually say a lot about our approach to Austen today.

The project comes from Judy L. Tyrer from Conifer, Colorado who founded 3 Turn Productions and, in fact, worked on Second Life at one stage.

Crowdfunding has really taken off as the latest ‘must do’, it’s just such a shame to see projects reach so close to funding and not take off further. For my day job, at Property Observer, I also looked at five top property-related crowdfunding projects. So if there are any major property enthusiasts or real estate tycoons, this is where you can share some money and the love in the lead up to Christmas. In other property-related but also Jane Austen related news, I’m writing an article for Jane Austen’s Regency World magazine (UK based)… keep an eye out for it in 2014. I’ll keep you posted. At the moment I’m taking every spare second to research the piece and to get it written in as engaging a way as possible.

It’s also just fabulous. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but I get it downloaded on my iPad and I’m absolutely in love. I’ll start reviewing editions of the magazines in the future.


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2 responses to “The Pride and Prejudice role-playing game

  1. Well if you gotta role play what better name to do it with!! Loved the post & the game as well. Headed over to watch the video & will be sharing this now. 🙂

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