Pride and Prejudice Tote Bag and other Austen-merc favourites

I couldn’t resist buying this bag (yes, I’m a terrible spend thrift when it comes to Austen merchandise). I saw it on the rack in Kinokuniya, in The Galeries, Sydney and just had to pick it up. For (AU)$17.95 I thought it was a great buy, and especially needed at the time as I’d just bought several books and one of my grocery bags was splitting.

The bag is from the New York brand ‘Out Of Printing Clothing‘ which means that anyone who can’t visit this bookshop can most likely order it online. It’s 13.5 inches in width and 14 inches in height, and is similar to a paperback in dimensions. It has a perfect 10 inch strap and, while it’s at a slightly irritating size to fit everything into it, it’s great for heading down the library or if you’re popping to the shops for a few items. Who doesn’t want to proclaim their Austen love in every facet of their lives?

I’m actually really keen on this brand now. I have a massive Slaughterhouse 5 t-shirt from them (also bought in Kinokuniya) that I sleep in. It has been through the wash a number of times and the imagery stays perfect. They also do some other great Pride and Prejudice products, such as an eBook case, journals, jumpers, greetings cards, coasters and similar. If you have other favourite classics, they’ve most likely got a range for you too. Animal Farm, Charlotte’s Web, A Clockwork Orange, Jane Eyre, Lord Of The Flies, Farenheit 451, Song of Solomon, Moby Dick and even The Very Hungry Caterpillar… the list is extensive.

Hugh Thomson, whose illustrations adorn this bag and the 1894 edition of the book that was used on this bag. Initially gold and blue, the original books now fetch a small fortune when they go up for sale, and for good reason – they’re damn gorgeous. There are also gold and blue versions of this bag online that apparently used to be at the Jane Austen Centre Giftshop (for those that care to look…) and there are even some with passages written on and characters’ illustrations (or actor photographs). There are also numerous clutches out there.

I see more and more Pride and Prejudice merchandise now than ever before. Another favourite in my stash is a very simple Pride and Prejudice necklace from Etsy seller chickylovit (Cassie Barentine). I’ve bought some of these for friends before (all Austen related ones) and they ship easily, come with cute little charms and in nice gauzy bags. They’re also buy two get one free at the moment, which is always fun.

They’re too cute! I’ve been wearing this below charm round my neck regularly. It’s subtle, but sweet.

Do you have any favourite Austen memorabilia? What have you been collecting at home?

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One response to “Pride and Prejudice Tote Bag and other Austen-merc favourites

  1. ButterflyPigment

    The only Pride and Prejudice merch I own is a Mr. Darcy bookmark, that has an illustrated Colin Firth and Darcy quotes on it (the color theme is green, and pinstriped, which made me overjoyed), and two buttons, one saying “I [heart] Darcy” and the other the same for Bingly. 🙂 I got them from a friend. She brought them back as souvenirs from London.

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