Pride and Prejudice in magazines – The Simple Things

I work in the magazine industry and, therefore, have a lot of love for anything with a glossy (and sometimes matte) cover that has something resembling photos and text inside. What I love more than magazines, however, is finding a Pride and Prejudice reference in them. This happened with the latest available copy of The Simple Things magazine, Issue 3 (at least the latest issue here in Australia. No really, I’ve searched and even emailed the available contact emails, and there is no sign of Issue 4 in Sydney).

And yes, this is my darling kitten (and one of my own simple things that makes life that much better, along with Merlot, Pride and Prejudice and, um, magazines).


As I opened Issue 3 after much hunting, I was well-rewarded with a Mr. Darcy reference on Page 19 in an interview with Cassandra Ellis.The New-Zealand born Londoner creates these gorgeous patchwork and stylised quilts out of basically anything. And, she says, “We have a chocolate lab called Mr Darcy, because he’s so good looking, and Lily, an Australian terrier – they have their own [blankets] too. In fact, there’s a quilt that didn’t start off as a dog quilt but has become one because Mr Darcy lay on it all the time.”

I am a sickishly fascinated fan of Pride and Prejudice, and this made me instantly happy. Coincidental indeed, as it had been suggested to me that the new kitten in the house should be named Darcy. However, he has been named the only thing he responds to – Miaow Miaow. Have you named a pet after a Pride and Prejudice character? I know there has been a notable Mr Darcy dog in the recent St Trininan’s film (in reference to Colin Firth’s character).


(He’s quite the Mr Darcy… in my opinion, anyway.)

It’s perfect that this reference cropped up, as I’ve been dying to have a reason to talk more about this magazine. I’ve only read two issues and I am already a die-hard fan and it has sky-rocketed to the top of my favourites. We don’t have anything like this in Australia, other than one of my other favourites: MiNDFOOD.

In the top photo, Issue 1 and Issue 3 of the magazine are seen together. They’re both gorgeous, and worth the $15 for old issues it costs here in Sydney. Issue 2 is apparently non-existent. Issue 1 is everywhere (seen in major grocery stores and newsagencies from Sydney’s North to West). Issue 3 I had to dig out in Newtown from Mag Nation. If anyone Down Under finds the other copies, let me know! Issue 4 looks fantastic and Christmas-y and you have no idea how much I want it.

It’s a fantastic blend of cooking tips, book reviews, craft, things “to do”, spreads of creativity and little ways to really appreciate the things in your life. And did I mention that it’s all freaking gorgeous and the inside flap covers have wallpaper patterns on them instead of your regular advertisements? Genius! I could squee!


I think he wants it too.

I’ll keep you updated with magazine references I find. I’ve seen many before, and this finally encouraged me to share. If you want to see more The Simple Things covers then I recommend hitting up Pinterest – the magazine has really done its rounds there and I get to watch (with a huge amount of envy) as people read different issues.

The publishers, Future plc, have a lot of different titles, however in similar style to The Simple Things they are also launching Simply Crochet, and already publish Mollie Makes (which I’ve seen on the shelves but haven’t yet picked up) and ‘Gathered’, an iPad-only mag.

Have you seen any Pride and Prejudice mentions in magazines lately?


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3 responses to “Pride and Prejudice in magazines – The Simple Things

  1. Aurora

    Your kitten is adorable.

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