Pride and Prejudice and Strippers

With the new Burlesque film hitting the screens lately (starring the lovely Christina Aguilera), it looks as though everyone wants a piece of the action.  And Pride and Prejudice (and Zombies) hasn’t been left out.  A group called “Book Club Burlesque” in New York have held a “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Strippers” night apparently to “promote literacy”, “showcase unique talent” and “have SEXY FUN!”.

Quite an interesting idea considering the blend of modest 1800s values and modern day production gimmicks, but… why not? Also said to include puppeteers, piano players, drag queens, freaks and installation artists at their other book club meet ups, it’s quite an unusual idea (which has also been described as a “multi-media extravaganza”) that I believe could quite easily introduce a very different crowd to good literature.

It is a concept that has been on the go for five years, but this is the first Pride and Prejudice adaptation they have had their hands on (previously looking at books including Lolita, Brother’s Grimm Collection etc).  Thought up by Inbred Hybrid Collective, the Facebook invitation had over 60 attendees.  I’m unsure of how many actually went, but it sounds like a fairly large book club, and at $7 entry, in New York’s The Parkside Lounge, I’m sure it attracted more than just literature fans.

From my own limited knowledge, pubs have never been all that conducive to book clubs… but maybe this is the exception.  And who knows- maybe having a production of the book to discuss is even more thought-provoking than just an initial read.  According to one blogger, Domi Clout came up with this idea.  The performers all act for tips only (so if you ever go, and they’re decent, give generously!).

While it may very likely ruffle the feathers of the more traditional book-types (read:  Literati), it seems like a good bit of harmless fun (for the 21 plus, as it’s an American thing).  There’s a fairly comical review from the New Yorker for one of their older shows, a book club session for ‘The Curious Couch’ (can’t say I’ve ever read it or heard of it?!) if you want to get a bit of a feel for what their meetings are like.

I’ve got my feelers out for how this event went down (so watch this space).  Did you attend?  (And if you didn’t, would you if you had the chance?) What was it like?  Spill the beans because we’re all dying to hear.


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2 responses to “Pride and Prejudice and Strippers

  1. I think that I would go along for a bit of fun! Almost everyone there, I think, would be fans of the book, and it’s always fun to get together with people who love Pride and Prejudice.

    I think you’re right that there are people who would probably turn their noses up at an event like this, but I am all for it if it encourages people to read! I like the idea that P&P fans who might never have considered burlesque as a form of entertainment might be persuaded to give it a go, and conversely, those fans of Burlesque who have never even glanced at an Austen book might end up loving it! I wonder if such a night will ever come to London!

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