A “romantic” lifestyle inspired by Mr. Bingley

Sir Bingley is a unique online store.  Not only does its name come from Charles Bingley, one of our own lovable Pride and Prejudice gentleman, but it looks to re-create some of what the Regency era meant for us, in the 21st Century.  Filled with specials and cute “circle of friends” discounts, this store opens in two days- and I’m already excited.


Ian Kilpatrick, one of the founders of Sir Bingley, assured us here at The Bennet Sisters that: “The romantic family life is not a hunk with a buttoned down shirt, long hair, 3 kids and a wife.  It’s the ideal family life as best as you can imagine it.  It’s what we call ‘nostalgia for the future’.” An example Ian gave included:  “think right now of what life will be like in 5 years… If you’re like us you’re imagining being happy, engaging in some recreation with your spouse and children.  Everybody is laughing, all is well, that is the romantic family life.”

While at twenty years old I am far from thinking about recreating, or marrying, or really even thinking about the future at all, the entire idea of the store is just delightful.  The idea was spawned as “The founders of Sir Bingley are family men, we’re married and a couple of us have kids.  We noticed that families were largely getting ignored in online trends, especially in the daily deals department.  Sir Bingley is a product of seeing this need and filling it.”

They’ve already got well over five hundred ‘likes’ on Facebook, and I daresay this will increase dramatically upon the opening of the store. In fact, it’s a miracle that, in this day and age, three men got together and decided to use a figure from Pride and Prejudice to not only name their site but use as a model to explain their innovative selling technique. (Yes, it made me giggle as well.)

Some of the products I have been able to view include stylishly designed nappy bags and sweet children’s toys that would be perfect for Christmas.  There is a wonderful attention to detail that makes the site stylish, easy to use and have an elegant feel.  Read the little blurb on the left of their products page here, a lovely little example of how a bit of time put into an idea can reap rewards (and I love any sort of fictional writing).

The products are pricey, even though they are sold at a discounted price, but they are adorable.  The site is also US based, so I’m not sure what extra shipping prices and implications that has for us over in Australia and England and everywhere in between.

While the team, as mentioned, consists of three men (Ryan Inlow, Ian Kilpatrick and Lucas Robinson), Ian assures me that “Yes, most of us are big fans Pride & Prejudice.  Our wives especially. One of my favorite scenes (I’m speaking of the A&E movie) is when Mr. Collins is speaking with Lizzy and says “My dear Charlotte and I have but one mind and one way of thinking… we seem to have been designed for each other.” followed by the best wave ever caught on camera.”

If you “like” their Facebook page and sign up for the newsletter within the next couple of days you will receive $7 worth of credit for the launch.  You can also follow them on Twitter, where many giveaways have been held.


Thumbs up for the attention to detail, and the great use of social media, but I will leave the verdict to you all.  Have they managed to capture the “Pride and Prejudice in the modern day” style of life?

EDIT: I’ve heard that the Twitter link above might be sending people to odd sites.  I went to change it but it said that it was correct. The URL is www.twitter.com/sirbingley, if it sends you anywhere different let me know!


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