Pride and Prejudice and Zombies movie… Will it ever happen?

It’s looking grim for the Quirks Classic potential movie Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.  But why?  It was set to be a masterpiece- with Austen-style beauty and the undead combined.  Or something.  David O Russell, the planned director, bailed on the production.  As did Natalie Portman (set to be producing and acting as Elizabeth Bennet).  But… there might be some good news…

Even though David O Russell thinks Old St Louis is the better movie to be involved with (FYI- it does have Vince Vaughn in it, who I love, and is about A TRAVELLING TOYS SALESMAN.  Can that get much more awesome?  Well, yeah, if it had Mr. Darcy in it.  Just saying.)

 Rumours are now flying around about who might direct it, with many apparently interested in it (who wouldn’t be, really).  From what I can see- Jonathan Demme would be most promising (see: Silence of the Lambs) because of his horror background.  Movieweb has indicated that there are rumours around that he could get Anne Hathaway to star (due to his background with her), but this seems unfounded.  I’m also unsure of how wise it would be to have the previous star of Becoming Jane to act as (perhaps) Elizabeth Bennet? Especially when it didn’t go down all that well before! Matt Reeves has also been suggested, and has a horror background with Let Me In and monster-flick Cloverfield. But there’s a fascinating mix of comedy directors as well: Mike White (The School Of Rock) and Phil Lord/Chris Miller (Cloudy with a chance of meatballs) have been suggested.

Other suggested directors include Mike Newell (Prince of Persia) and Neil Marshall (Dog Soldiers, The Descent) and even David Slade (30 days of night) has been suggested.

Lionsgate wants filming to start at the end of the year, and a new director should be announced soon.  It is still set to enter theatres by 2011, apparently.

But what about the actors?

Now Natalie Portman has supposedly left the project (although, there’s no certainty around this one) for Superman rumours are again, churning along.  Scarlett Johanson has been named Top Choice to play Elizabeth Bennet according to Dime Wars, even though the two are reportedly friends (and she was meant to have been suggested under O Russell).  I think she’s a little too sultry for this role, and I can’t imagine her actually being cast seriously in this film.  Bradley Cooper, from The Hangover, is also set to star (Good choice, I think?).

Unfortunately, there are far too many rumours and hardly any solid announcements yet.  But don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted.

And, in slightly unrelated news, but still incredibly awesome- look out for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (another Quirk Classic) to come out at the movies, being produced by TIM BURTON and directed by Timur Bekmambetov! And, I’m hoping and wishing that Johnny Depp will be involved somehow.

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