Pride and Prejudice and Polling booths… Australia votes

What, in the name of all things holy, has Australia’s (2010 and most ridiculous ever) election got to do with Pride and Prejudice?  Well, you’re in for a giggle (especially if you kept track of the #ausvotes Twitter tag, or just the whole still ongoing debacle via the news).

In some bizarre intertextual act, the ABC (known to some of you Brits as the BBC’s Australian counterpart) via Local Radio of WA has come up with a hilarious series of mp3 podcasts entitled “Pride, Prejudce, and Polling booths”.  These combine political commentary, to a hilarious extent, with Regency finesse.  The tagline?  “It’s game on between Lady Gillard and Sir Anthony”.  To listen to the first of the series (all online for free) check out this link, and get your headphones out. 

(Involved in the production of these podcasts included: Joseph Thomsen, Matt Dowling, Gaye Pattison, Gary Bartholomew, Fiona Parker and Jeremy Lee.)

“I can scarcely believe I have assumed such a position of power, which would afford me the role of Prime Leader of the entire colony”- Julietta

In a series that includes lines such as “my good man, I wear the loincloths around here” we get some of the most amusing insights into the election.  You know how there was an issue that the Masterchef Finale would be on at the same time?  Don’t worry, in this series they had the finale of a “grand royal cooking competition in the Eastern end of the town square”… I thought I was going to have a heart attack from laughing over this one.  Occasionally it is told in a “Dear Diary” type style and psst… a Lord Rudd character features throughout several of the episodes.

There are also some trippy hilarious visuals, in which pictures of our most loved/hated politicians are dressed up (sort of) in a dodgy Paint program to be wearing Bonnets and looking all Elizabeth Bennet/ Mr Darcy esque. 

So will Lady Gillard and Sir Anthony overcome their differences, a la Elizabeth and Darcy?  Who will win the election?  And most importantly- what will they do with Masterchef?

In the first episode, we see Julietta send word of the election (via a wax-sealed envelope no less) and discussion about the debate to come.  You also hear the first of the amazing musical stylings of Kathy Steen (Musical consultant for the production that are reminiscent of the BBCs Pride and Prejudice mini-series’ soundtrack).

The second episode is the debate.  That no one wants to listen to.  Because they’re all ticked off by the fact that it has pushed back “dancing with celebrities” by an hour, and they have laundry and sleeping to do. 

Episode three follows the two as they begin their campaign through the country streets by approaching the ‘peasants’ and using songs and slurs.  Best line: “Clearly the big ears attack wasn’t enough!”

Episode four: Discussion of the polls.  Within the first 25 seconds the results swing, very comically, by one vote between Lady Gillard and Sir Anthony.  The “Real Lady Gillard” comment comes in to play, as does some untimely applauding and the calling of the masses the ‘peasants’.

Episode five is the last one, the election episode.  Well… Almost the end.  Several slurs on the looks of the candidate, another debate suggested by Lady Gillard.  Ink wells and quills to the ready, the peasants go to vote.  A ball is held (I got very over-excited at this point… and then I imagined “Sir Anthony” dancing and bailed!) and here Anthony and Gillard begin some strange complimenting of one another.

Episode six: The official results.  There is no winner.  Discussion about the Independents and the Greens.  Lady Gillard rides off on her steed to meet the Independents.  Squabbling ensues, particularly when there is a suggestion that they all rule together. 

Summary?  #ausStillwaits

I love how the outcome is as unsatisfactory as the entire election campaign itself.

Loved it?  Hated it?  And how would you have written a Pride and Prejudice version of the election campaign?

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