Jane Austen’s Fight Club viral video

“After Fight Club, we were inclined to see the world differently”

If you’re as big a fan of youtube as you are of Pride and Prejudice (like myself) then you will have most likely come across the New Biggest Thing, a hit video, made this year, that parodies Fight Club (you know, that awesome film with Brad Pitt and Edward Norton) using Jane Austen’s leading ladies.  It’s had over 1,110,000 views at the time of me publishing this post.  And if you haven’t seen it, then prepare yourself for some laughs at the video below!  And get ready for my analysis of the Pride and Prej elements.

And just in case you’re from outer space, compare it to the original Fight Club trailer below:

I know.  Hilarious.  And while the acting of the parody might need some work, there are about 101 historical inaccuracies I could be all snotty and point out, and the final soundtrack isn’t as compelling as The Pixies… I really think that this “Relatively Badarse Productions” piece, directed by Emily Janice Card and Keith Paugh, has completely set itself up with this masterpiece.  It has already been listed by klik.tv as one of the top 10 viral videos as of July 30th.

It takes Pride and Prejudice and Zombies type shots (think- Regency females in their corsets and “underwear” bashing each other) and adds in an extra sprinkling of feminism, special effects bruises and typical 18th Century language.   But read what you like into it, the one thing that stands out is the utter comedic value.

So, what exactly stands out about Pride and Prejudice in this video?  (Other than the 2005 Pride and Prej soundtrack at the beginning, and very similar shot to the opener of the film) The main thing is the character of Lizzy.  She is the Regency version of Tyler Durden, and I think it’s pretty well done.  It’s also no coincidence, in my mind, that while she plays this exuberant character (the supposed split personality of the main character), Fanny (from Mansfield Park, whom we all know to be a quiet, modest, irritatingly meek type) plays the narrator.  In this video, Lizzy’s vibrancy comes right out.  The girl who’s playing her as well seems to have a really great sense of humour.  There’s this fantastic bit at the end of the video where she smacks a cup of tea out of a ladies hand that’s just hilariously Lizzy.

The two dates, 1810 and 2011, imply that an actual film will be made out of it… but I haven’t heard that corroborated anywhere else on the internet.  (But hold tight, I will be emailing them).  In the meantime, satisfy yourself by re-watching it, and reading the transcript.

The Best Youtube Comments-

“As someone who has read and loved Jane Austen and has watched and loved Fight Club. This parody is hillarious, in good taste and is not in any way sexist. Its simply playing on the culture of the time in which her books are written. Get your knickers out of a wad and enjoy things for the sake of enjoying them.”

“Epic. I would so pimp this out to all my friends if it was made into a movie. Also, I love how there are non-white actors in this, it just makes it even more surreally awesome. MAKE THIS INTO A MOVIE, SOMEBODY, DAMMIT!”

“This was fantastic. The only thing that rivals the movie itself for sheer hilarity is some of the douchetastic comments you’ve gotten below. Well done, ladies.”

Written by Emily Janice Card
Director of Photography: Keith Paugh
Editing and Visual Effects: Jeff Dickson
Produced by Jeff Dickson, Emily Janice Card, Wendy Crompton
Stunt Choreography: Michelle Crompton
Sound Department: Leslie Paugh & Russell Lloyd
Makeup and Hair: Farrah Walker
Cast: Esther Rawlings, Emily Janice Card, Farrah Walker, Wendy Crompton, Michelle Crompton, Julie Hinton, Jessica Preece, Bonnie Anderson, Tiffany Jordan, Renee Miller, Kristen Hill, Kathryn Kulish, David Axelgard, Travis Morgan

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