Top Ten Foreign Pride and Prejudice Book Covers

Since seeing the Hebrew cover of Pride and Prejudice, I have become slightly fascinated with Pride and Prejudice covers from other countries.  And when I say “foreign” I basically mean anywhere that doesn’t speak English.  The way the titles look so different, but you can recognise the essence of Regency on (most of) them.  I’ve narrowed my top ten down to this next list, but expect to see several more cropping up in some more posts (I have a massive collection of them to use, and for you to look forward to!).

Number 10:
Japanese Pride and Prejudice

I have a sneaking suspicion that I have seen this cover somewhere before, and I can see a whisper of the English at the bottom of the image, and hence it only makes 10th on my list.  The language looks gorgeous though.

Number 9:
Albanian Pride and Prejudice cover-

This cover is gorgeous.  The warm colours and setting are not at all Pride and Prejudice, but the scene itself just makes me feel happy and mushy inside.  It looks a bit like a 1950s movie, but I’m not disregarding it from the list!  The piano is a nice symbol to have on the cover, as most of the important moments have an aspect of music to them.

Number 8:
Romanian Pride and Prejudice-

This cover is quite different.  It reminds me of a Western almost.  I’m not sure what the inspiration was behind it, but I’m actually quite liking it.  The body language of the characters on the front makes me squirm it’s so apt.

Number 7:
German Pride and Prejudice-

The colours on this cover are amazing.  I absolutely love the black and red back with white writing.  It just stands out, without looking like it couldn’t possibly fit with the era.  Perhaps Twilight-fever is setting in a bit (and bear in mind I’m not even a fan) but it does look a little vampiric.  I think the actual image itself is quite a nice one, and is similar to the usual classical look I see on PandP front covers.

Number 6:
Bulgarian cover-

A very simple cover, and I’m not sure if even those who speak the language can read that, but I really like it.  To me it uses the essence of a cameo inside geometric shapes that suggests the two worlds coming together.  It also looks like a small version that you’d carry around in your handbag, sneaking reads here and there. 

Number 5:
Danish Pride and Prejudice-

This cover is a very different take.  The photograph of the nape of her neck is very personal, I feel as though it’s saying that this is a book about her.  And indeed, it would be right in suggesting, through the “over the shoulder” point of view shot, that this is entirely her perspective and that we will grow as a reader, as she does.

Number 4:
Italian cover-

I’m not sure what I like about this cover.  It looks classical, has fairly demure colours and suits the era just about- but I am somehow drawn to the woman.  Maybe it’s her strong jawline or something- she just exudes stubborness, it’s fantastic!

Number 3:
Swedish Pride and Prejudice-

While this cover does remind me of Emma on Box Hill, it has a certain P&P essense to it as well.  I love the sisterly connection I seem to get from it, as well as the intricacy of the tree canopy at the top.  The fresh green as well just sets this entire picture off- it seems to glow with outdoorsyness.

Number 2:
Croatian Pride and Prejudice-

Although this cover is quirky and whimsical and very different, I adore it.  There’s the suggestion of the outdoors world through the tree branches and the birds we can see silhouetted, and the colours remind me of the 2005 Pride and Prejudice beginning as the sun comes over the horizon on that lovely scene.  Yet the writing across the bottom suggests how important that was to the era, and brings my mind back to the many letters and scenes of writing within the book.  But give it a second glance, is it just me or do the trees suddenly seem a bit trapping?  The whole image a little chaotic?  This, to me, brings out the duality of Pride and Prejudice.

Slovak Pride and Prejudice-

Okay, I have to admit that I put this cover at number 1 just because it’s completely cute!  I have a love of all things pretty and that font right there in the middle makes my insides go positively mushy.  Yes, it’s way too romantic really, and yes it’s of a rose… but don’t you just want it to sit on your bookshelf or in your bag?

And there you have it!  I love knowing that there are Janeites the world over.  Where are you from?


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6 responses to “Top Ten Foreign Pride and Prejudice Book Covers

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  2. Tzippy

    I’m from Israel and I think the Hebrew cover is the most beautiful, and I don’t think I’m prejudiced. The artist really put an effort in the design and did not just go for a period painting as a cover.

    • thatjennie

      I agree, it’s lovely. I prefer designs like this as they require thought and a close reading of the book. They also provoke their own discussions, a response which I think authentic paintings from the era don’t really manage to elicit.

      Do you speak Hebrew? Are there many differences in covers compared to English language copies of books?

    • Gabriella Mologni

      I’m from Italy and I’m wiriting to ask you a little help. Do you know a site with the titles of pride and prejudice in the various languages in the world. My doughter has decided to collect the different version of her favourite book and so I’m looking for them to give her a present for her birthday, Christmas and so on.
      Sorry for the troubles and many thanks for your help
      Gabriella Mologni Italy

      • JennieDuke

        Hi Gabriella,

        Unfortunately I don’t think the list exists (at least it hasn’t come up in any of my searches). The best I could do was use Google Translate.

        I’ll check at home if any sort of list is in some of the reference books I have and will get back to you :).



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