Lily Allen to play as Lydia Bennet?

I must have missed the UK MTV’s 2007 memo on this one (it was also in UK’s The Sun), but if that’s anything to go by then we should be expecting a documentary-style “off-kilter” look at Pride and Prejudice, in a humorous way, this year 2010! 

Supposedly called Jane Austen Handheld (I’m assuming that ‘handheld’ refers to the style of filming!) it has also been said to star Stephen Fry as Mr Bennet, along with Lily Allen as Lydia and Carrie Fisher (unspecified but there have been suggestions that she is the next Mrs Bennet).  Elizabeth Bennet hadn’t then been cast.  Russell Brand was going to star as George Wickham but apparently left due to “previous commitments” in ’07.

But what about Mr. Darcy?  Trashionista says that Goran Visnjic (drool factor) who has starred in the ER will be taking this role but I’ve heard that this is nothing more than an under-researched rumour. 

One person did comment that Lily Allen’s Myspace page had mentioned it in the past. 

It is scripted by Robert Farrarm and directed by Tristram Shapeero (Of comedy shows Peep Show and Green Room).  Apparently shooting began in ’08 with the smallish budget of £2.5m- financed by the Isle of Man’s new production venture NX.

It is to be Produced by Sprout Productions (Fry’s own production company), involving Scarlett Pictures, and with HanWay films organising the international sales/coverage. 

I have a feeling this will be a bit of a cheeky look at Austen- perhaps even with a touch of vulgarity in places (and I’m thinking a high level of sarcasm and overt sexualisation will be involved)- that will get us Austen fans (and especially the purists) completely up in arms!  Referred to as a ‘fly-on-the-wall’ look at the novel, and as a ‘period-spoof’ we can safely assume that this isn’t going to be a simple Pride and Prejudice remake.

There has been a bit of confusion over the release date- I think it was originally planned for 2008, but is now 2010?  Anyone know?

Is this yet-another Austen movie that will never see the light of day?

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