Are you seeking a Mr. Darcy?

I recently stumbled across a new blog that completely piqued my interest. It is called ‘Seeking Mr Darcy’. One girl, Lisa, aka Fairy Godmother, had set up this site to find a “Mr Darcy” for her best friend whose alias, fittingly, is “Elizabeth Bennet”. In what appears to be a labour of love, Lisa had set out to find the right man for her friend.

The idea just struck me as way too cute to pass up (what a sweet thing to do for your friend!), and Pride and Prejudice is about nothing if not friendship afterall!  So, I decided to send our matchmaker a line and see just what provoked the blog and why she chose our favourite literary couple to find her friend a man!

Lisa herself writes that it’s “Time to provde romance is not dead.” on the main blog, and I definitely think this will be a challenge with an interesting outcome.  She has also just started up a Facebook group for the cause.  Do you think this will be successful?  I have my fingers crossed, and will be watching the progress with a lot of interest.  So without much further ado, here is my Q&A with Lisa:

Why did you decide to set up this WordPress page?

One evening me and Elizabeth were talking about men, dating, (OK more like complaining about it) and I was commenting on her non existent skill at picking suitable men. I think its frustrating when your friend deserves someone fantastic but finds people who, in a nut shell, completely suck! I basically said to her that I could do it better than she could, she gave me permission and I set to work! The blog was the first step on my mission to find her a real life Mr Darcy. Elizabeth is in a great place in her life so now is the perfect time to add in a lovely guy to the mix!


Isn’t it a bit unconventional?

Yes. It’s completely unconventional but that reflects me quite well! I also don’t like to do things by halves so, if i’m going to find my best friend a Mr Darcy, I’m REALLY going to go for it!  I won’t lie, I was worried about how it would be received by people or if anyone would even believe it was serious! Sometimes you have to just grab the bull by the horns and go for these things though!


You must have a really good friendship! How long have you been friends for?

Me and Elizabeth met at school 15 years ago, and even as I type that I can’t believe it! 15 years! How we were back then made us quite an likely duo. She will kill me for saying this, but she was a bit of a rebel where as I was a total geek! We did that awkward growing up phase together and now we are in our awkward grown up years! Mind you, when we are together I think we seem to channel our inner 13 year olds! We now live at opposite ends of the county to each other but thanks to the wonders of technology we keep in contact all day until a monthly meet up takes place! Our friendship should be officially sponsored by Skype!


You’ve given your friend the pseudonym ‘Elizabeth Bennet’ and taken it upon yourself to find her a ‘Mr. Darcy’- any reason you chose this literary couple?

It was a combination of a lot of things…. I was trying to think of an interesting username and come up with a way to put all the information out there with a bit of a twist. I actually have a book called Jane Austin’s guide to dating and started flicking through. Then it hit me, Elizabeth is really called Elizabeth and that worked with the main Character Elizabeth Bennet. Like the real Elizabeth, she gets distracted by Mr Wickhams but ultimately, Mr Darcy is the right one! I love the old charm of Pride & Prejudice and I must just be a soppy old romantic, but it was all just perfect for what I was trying to do with the blog!


What is your friend, Elizabeth Bennet, like?

Elizabeth is 27 years old and honestly, such a genuinely lovely person. Don’t get me wrong, she can be completely stubborn and always seems to get into parking related trouble but she is a total gem! Her musical taste is as random as her to be honest! In her car, off the top of my head, there is Stereophonics, Weezer, Snoop Dogg, Backstreet Boys (Sorry Elizabeth!), Dolly Parton & Green Day. She has some complete shockers in her CD collection!!! Looks wise, she is beautiful, I think she has a very classic look about her, its the killer cheekbones! She isn’t great at walking in high heels it seems, she fell over at the weekend so is sporting a huge bruise! She looks classic and classy but you can always trust her to do something hilariously uncool like fall over!


I see your friends a big movie fan! Any chance she has seen any Pride and Prejudice films?

Of course! Seen the films, TV dramas and owns the book! She is currently re reading Pride and Prejudice in honor of our Mr Darcy mission.


What sort of Mr. Darcy are you looking for to suit her?

You know, this is a really hard one. I’ll start with a few more concrete qualities that her Mr Darcy should have/be. He should be aged between 26-35, a non smoker and this one is very important, must have good grammar! Elizabeth works in publishing so has an eagle eye for good spelling and punctuation! Someone intelligent and interesting would compliment Elizabeth as she is interested in lots of different subjects and she likes to be mentally challenged! Humor is always a big winner and I would like to see her with someone who is thoughtful and trustworthy. Film geeks are always welcome too!


What qualities can’t he have?

I mentioned it before but a smoker is totally out of the question. Aside from that, the usual liars and cheaters need not apply!


Has Elizabeth encountered any Wickhams in the past?

Oh yes! She is some what of a Wickham magnet! That’s why I’ve taken control!!! haha!

The love interest of this whole story- Elizabeth Bennet

For all the men reading… whereabouts do you two live?

 Elizabeth lives in Carlisle, Cumbria and I live in Milton Keynes. North and south of the UK!


So what about yourself? Do you have a partner?

Oh no! You can’t question the match maker! haha! I’m single right now.


Do you think there’s a Mr. Darcy out there for everyone?

You know what, I really believe there is. I don’t think that Mr Darcy is necessarily “Mr Love at first sight”, I think he is the one who you spend time getting to know on all levels and then, all of a sudden, boom! Your hooked! Its about bringing a bit of old fashion romance back! Thats one of the nice things about this blog, there have been a couple of emails come through where real thought and effort has gone into every word! So much nicer than a short “want to meet” text message. I think we get so caught up on wanting instant love that you miss some of the potential Darcys…. and they are out there!


How can anyone from here at The Bennet Sisters get in contact with you?

You can get in touch via email Twitter or you can join the facebook group

Lisa- the matchmaker and fairy godmother!

You can also check out the blog itself, Seeking Mr Darcy, via the link and see a profile and some more pics of the lovely Elizabeth Bennet! 

Seeking Mr Darcy

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