Pride and Prejudice boardgame

I’ve spoken a lot about iPhone games and drinking games, but what about something a bit more oldschool? I am a nerd- particularly when it comes to scrabble, mystery games and anything played using dice on a board.

I recently saw this Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice Trivia game that completely tickled my game-fetish. But the real beauty is this other Pride and Prejudice boardgame (from Ashgrove Press), pictured above, that works on a more traditional board game form (pieces, moving around a board et cetera).  It looks really apt for the book, no garish colours and over-sized font and plastic pieces that you normally see.  It uses dice and cards and is based on a ‘collect the tokens’ scheme- with all the same fundamentals as Pride and Prejudice (aim to get married!). 

You control one of the iconic couples throughout the game (such as Darcy and Lizzy or Jane and Bingley etc) so this might cause some arguments to start (shotgun Darcy!).  It’s competitive, you’re trying to race to the chapel, and apparently, according to a pretty good review from icosilune,  it’s fairly unrelated to the book in terms of events and character interactions. 

Reviews over at Board Game Geek were fairly unfavourable.  Apparently the gameplay is too simple, the trivia questions too easy if you know the book, and that it is only worth one game- not really an addictive game you can play again and again.  Oh, and none of the guys that commented were thrilled.

Apparently it’s also relatively educational (from the looks of the cards you learn about the characters as you go) so even though, unfortunately, it requires 2-4 players and unless you know a few Janeites you’re on your own… you could probably rope some people in with the promise of teaching them about the classic.  You can order it for (US)$34 over at Pemberley online.

I read somewhere someone suggest that a “Jane Austen Magic 8 Ball” was created.  I second this!  My best friend is also in the process of making Pride and Prejudice monopoly plans.  This, to me, seems to sound awesome.  I love Monopoly (also known as That Frustrating Game That Breaks Down Families And Causes Divorces/Deaths/ETC).  Having a top hat character, and being able to earn your way up from buying Netherfield to Pemberley (best one on the board).  Or even being Mr. Collins and shaking things up by buying Rosings Park.  XD  Or even if it was like Cluedo, with all the different rooms (Drawing room anyone?) and you had to do certain Regency actions etc, make choices.  No idea how that would work.

Seen any good Austen boardgames?  Have you played any of these ones?  Ideas for games?  Post a comment and let us all know!


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3 responses to “Pride and Prejudice boardgame

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  2. You might want to check out Suitors & Suitability. It’s a card game based on Pride & Prejudice, where you play as one of the Bennet sisters (or Charlotte Lucas), trying to marry the best suitor.

    The couples aren’t predetermined, so the story can change direction quite a bit. And I think it’s a lot more fun than a trivia game or a roll-the-dice game — but I’m the designer, so I might be a bit biased 🙂

  3. Ashley

    I haven’t played any of the games yet although I’m seriously considering buying the board game. But I concur with the idea for the eight ball and monopoly. Who doesn’t love monopoly

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