Pride and Prejudice and Zombies iPhone game FIX

A lot of commenting has been going on about the latest zombie/Pride and Prejudice application from Freeverse. I posted in my last discussion about the new app that it kept stuffing up around Chapter ten (and that it had happened to other people as well).

Shortly after posting up the review, I received an email from Freeverse’s Senior Producer Justin D’Onofrio asking me a few questions about my phone (have I jailbreaked it- I wish!- etc) and saying that they believe the problem is “related to the amount of free memory on the device” and that sometimes it works if you turn it off and then on again.

He also let me know that they are currently working on the fix, and will send me an email when it comes through (so check back here!) in the form of an update.  Although he is yet to read Dawn of the Dreadfuls, they “love the folks over at Quirk Books, so we may work with them again on future titles” … I’m already tremendously excited.  Especially if you remember how much I preferred the prequel.  I am seriously hoping they decide to take this step and make another one. 

I also had to express my delight at their really cute, but ghoulish, zombie deer and animals, and was rewarded with this epic picture (which shows just how much work went into making the game- look at all that detail!).  I also liked how you had to jump up to kill the zombie birds.  Pretty sweet!

Justin also said that they “actually wanted to script that stage a bit more delicately, but were under a bit of time pressure. The way it goes your first time bringing a book to game form I suppose, next time around we’ll be sure to plan a bit better.”

I was playing the application on the train the other day and had someone ask about it, so it’s definitely a bit of a hit in my area!  What do you think of it?  Would you want to see the prequel made into a game?

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