Question: When is Mr. Darcy like urine?

Answer: When you’re a mouse.

A very interesting study has recently taken place at the University of Liverpool where they got 450 mice and put them near different male and female urine samples.  The result?  They have found out that there is a certain chemical, or pheromone, found in male mouse urine that determines the preference of them to female mice over time, as in, it attracts them.  And the Open Source Journal ‘BMC biology’ researchers have named the substance (in what has been called a “bizarre homage”) ‘Darcin’ after Mr. Darcy himself, because of his power to draw in the women.  But what would our Mr. Darcy smell like?

Apparently this protein can explain why some females have a particular preference for certain males, and there are thoughts that it might have some ramifications for people despite Darcin being species-specific (so smothering yourself in rat urine won’t make you any more appealing).  That being said, I’m a huge fan of men that smell nice- and “nice” in my definition doesn’t include urine.  So, back to the main point, what would Darcy smell like?  What cologne would he use?  From a quick Google… you can actually buy ‘Mr. Darcy’ colognes.  Such as this cologne oil that will set you back US$7.00, a “deep, mysterious and sensual musk… blended with skin-loving and vegan-friendly coconut (fractionated) jojoba and palm oils” from Swan Mountain Soaps that comes in an easy to use roll-on bottle.  Omg, yum, tacky bottle though.  I also had a bit of a giggle reading this discussion about aftershave, where one user, Obelit, said: “Something else I failed to mention about one of my favorite aftershaves, Woods of Windsor, is this:  Whenever I wear it, I feel like Mr. Darcy, the character out of Jane Austen’s novel”.  However, I have never had the pleasure of smelling it.  Good/Bad?

Personally, I think that Darcy would have that blue smell- crisp and clean, but with subtle more autumnal undertones.  I hate to sound painfully mainstream, but something like a mixture between David Beckham’s ‘Instinct’ and Ralph Lauren’s Polo Blue.  What do you reckon?

It’s nice to see a little literary joke popping into the academic world, but is it a fair thing to compare Darcy to?  If I remember rightly, Darcy wasn’t that attractive to many in the book (other than attracting Caroline with his grand wealth etc) because of his manners.  It’s only now that women gush over him.  My inner Elizabeth Bennet is scoffing at this one.  (Although, I’m not questioning that Darcy probably emitted some bloody strong pheromones and sex appeal himself.)


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8 responses to “Question: When is Mr. Darcy like urine?

  1. That’s great and everything, but how do I go about changing my protein composition? it seems this study is not yet complete. 😦

    • thatjennie

      Unfortunately that’s not the topic of my blog Grima! And I think there’s a tonne of research yet to do. But if you check out the New Scientist or something that might help 😉

      • Haha, ok ill reference my comment to P&P.

        That definitely explains why I always find myself with Kitty and Lydias of our world, hopefully future studies will aid me in attracting the Elizabeth and Janes instead =)

        interesting blog btw 🙂

      • thatjennie

        Thank you! I think that the Lizzys and the Janes are the ones that aren’t so easily attracted by the typical (Lizzy, at least). Whereas Lydia would be happy with “getting” Darcy or Wickham or anyone, Lizzy would only be happy with her match. Interestingly enough, she isn’t into her match to start with! So perhaps… look for someone independent? I guess it’s different for everyone- the trials and tribulations of romance *sighs*.

  2. Lol thanks for the advice, haha ask Jarod I’m anything but the typical :), ha you make a good point she did hate Darcy to begin with, so i’ll keep an eye on the people that seem to dislike me =)

    Lol no one ever said romance was meant yo be easy 😦

    • thatjennie

      I don’t think it’s meant to be particularly hard either.

      🙂 I think just stop trying so hard. Eventually it’ll all work out… or so I keep saying!

  3. YoungWriter

    I love your ending. I completely agree. “My inner Elizabeth Bennet is scoffing at this one.”

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