More and more Pride and Prejudice Advertising…

To me, there’s nothing else other than some strong allusions to Pride and Prejudice (or Austen in general) that will make me buy a product.  Commercials, trailers, advertisements… you name it, if it has Pride and Prej in it I will undoubtedly manage to acquire it.  Especially if the ad is good.

I have been trying to angle all of my Facebook ads towards anything Austen/bookish.  So for all the annoying iLasik advertisements that pop up, I press the thumbs down and say ‘uninteresting’ or one of the other synonyms they let you choose from.  I finally had a little break through with this, slightly, Pride and Prejudice related advertisement, that is painfully similar to the last:

Has anyone else seen these ads crop up on their Facebook?  Seen any other related ones?

Andrew Durkan was the creative director for the next one, and although it is simple I think that in this elegance lies its unique charm.  It’s so apt for bookreaders and Austen fans that it fits the audience perfectly.  It’s a print advert about a new opening of another Magrudy’s book shop in Dubai.  This is the sort of advertising that would make me stop and look at it, especially as it is an outdoor ad, so a poster or something.  If you want some more information about who worked on it and was involved, then I got this one from over at Coloribus.

It was a November 2007 advertisement from the company The Tribe and it actually won an award in a Dubai advertising thing.  I left it big so you can appreciate all the poster-goodness that should be displayed everywhere.  I think in Sydney we are missing out on ads like this.  Simplicity stands out against a chaotic backdrop of colours and posing women scantily-clad I think.


A campaign which definitely deserves a mention here is Carte Noire’s new viral online (in conjunction with penguin) where yummy men read 12 minute excerpts from books (“your favourite literary love scenes”) as you sit down with a cup of supposedly their coffee.  This is the scene from Pride and Prejudice where Mr. Darcy asks Elizabeth to marry him, and she reflects after about how annoying it is that he did, as read by Dominic West “for a more seduction coffee break”.  This is utter genius in terms of giving people that coffee-warm feeling.  But I don’t think it is encouraging me to buy the coffee.  There are some fantastic camera angles, and his expressions are lively- the reading is a good one even vocally (I would listen to it as an ebook).  Other book excerpts include Tess of the D’Urbervilles, Sense and Sensibility (with Joseph Fiennes), Lady Chatterly’s Lover, The Picture of Dorian Gray and more :).  Out of West’s readings, Pride and Prejudice is at the top of the ‘Most Popular’ category and he says in his interview that reading it was a bit of a revelation.

Have you seen any similar things?  What do you think of Dominic West’s reading?

If you want to see more Pride and Prejudice advertisements, check out my previous posts on the topic: Pride and Prejudice and Condoms (a tv commercial from trojan2go), and More Pride and Prejudice advertisements a mash-up post of a few others I have found.


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