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When reality television gets its hands on Pride and Prejudice…

I just read this story.  In short, a television series (Bravo’s “Work of Art: The Next Great Artist” which is self-explanatory- oh and involves Sarah Jessica Parker somehow) asked the contestants to come up with a book cover design for one of several classics.  And, shock horror, Pride and Prejudice was on that list.  Now, now.  I have seen some ugly covers in my time (and I pick up every copy of Pride and Prejudice I see just for a look), but these just take the biscuit! Continue reading

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Lily Allen to play as Lydia Bennet?

I must have missed the UK MTV’s 2007 memo on this one (it was also in UK’s The Sun), but if that’s anything to go by then we should be expecting a documentary-style “off-kilter” look at Pride and Prejudice, in a humorous way, this year 2010! 

Supposedly called Jane Austen Handheld (I’m assuming that ‘handheld’ refers to the style of filming!) it has also been said to star Stephen Fry as Mr Bennet, along with Lily Allen as Lydia and Carrie Fisher (unspecified but there have been suggestions that she is the next Mrs Bennet).  Elizabeth Bennet hadn’t then been cast.  Russell Brand Continue reading

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Are you seeking a Mr. Darcy?

I recently stumbled across a new blog that completely piqued my interest. It is called ‘Seeking Mr Darcy’. One girl, Lisa, aka Fairy Godmother, had set up this site to find a “Mr Darcy” for her best friend whose alias, fittingly, is “Elizabeth Bennet”. In what appears to be a labour of love, Lisa had set out to find the right man for her friend.

The idea just struck me as way too cute to pass up (what a sweet thing to do for your friend!), and Pride and Prejudice is about nothing if not friendship afterall!  So, I decided to send our matchmaker a line and see just what provoked the blog and why she chose our favourite literary couple to find her friend a man!

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Critcisms of the book we love…

(And why they are neither here nor there)

It is a truth universally acknowledged that all people with taste must be a fan of Pride and Prejudice (Will I ever tire of that allusion?  I doubt it).  However, a quirky article from The Examiner “The 50 bext author vs author putdowns of all time” reveals some fairly harsh blows to our beloved Jane, from some prominent and fantastic writers we all know.

This caused me to dig up some interesting criticisms of Pride and Prejudice.  I can’t say I agree with a single one of them, but they certainly are amusing. Continue reading


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Pride and Prejudice boardgame

I’ve spoken a lot about iPhone games and drinking games, but what about something a bit more oldschool? I am a nerd- particularly when it comes to scrabble, mystery games and anything played using dice on a board.

I recently saw this Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice Trivia game that completely tickled my game-fetish. But the real beauty is this other Pride and Prejudice boardgame (from Ashgrove Press) Continue reading


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At what age should you read Pride and Prejudice?

Firstly, apologies for the long absence of posts (I’ve been on holidays!). However, I’m back to blog again, and with a new question sent to me from a reader.

This isn’t a first for this question, and is definitely something I have thought about before as have many others.  I was about fourteen when I read the book, I understood it all and fell completely in love with it.  This seems, to me, to be the average appropriate age for a first reading.  But I have found that my understanding has changed with time, as has my appreciation of the language, characters and storyline.  When you’re in your younger teenage years, I feel as though you like it as a chick-lit type book, romantic slush that is a bit more sophisticated.  But now, as I leave my teens, I see it more as a mirror I can hold up to different types of people, and as a criticism of certain types of relationships- albeit with a happy ending. Continue reading


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A Fake First Edition Pride and Prejudice?

I found something today that really bothered me. I’m not sure why, but it annoys me endlessly. It’s this new idea called ‘Hide a Cover’, which sets you back about 6 bucks… so you can pretend you are reading something weighty and worthwhile.  So you can hide your ‘Public Speaking for Dummies’ with a Pride and Prejudice cover, or your Mills & Boon with ‘Decoding Binary’. 

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Why is Pride and Prejudice just so contagious?

I was asked by a new-found friend and Jane Austen fan over at Upstart (an online magazine for emerging journalists) to write a piece about what it is that makes Pride and Prejudice so popular.  Why are we still reading it 200 years later?  The formation of this article, Pride and Prejudice still on top, was a lot of fun.

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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies iPhone game FIX

A lot of commenting has been going on about the latest zombie/Pride and Prejudice application from Freeverse. I posted in my last discussion about the new app that it kept stuffing up around Chapter ten (and that it had happened to other people as well).

Shortly after posting up the review, I received an email from Freeverse’s Senior Producer Justin D’Onofrio asking me a few questions about my phone (have I jailbreaked it- I wish!- etc) and saying that they believe the problem is “related to the amount of free memory on the device” Continue reading

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Question: When is Mr. Darcy like urine?

Answer: When you’re a mouse.

A very interesting study has recently taken place at the University of Liverpool where they got 450 mice and put them near different male and female urine samples.  The result?  They have found out that there is a certain chemical, or pheromone, found in male mouse urine that determines the preference of them to female mice over time, as in, it attracts them.  And the Open Source Journal ‘BMC biology’ researchers have named the substance (in what has been called a “bizarre homage”) ‘Darcin’ after Mr. Darcy himself, because of his power to draw in the women.  But what would our Mr. Darcy smell like? Continue reading


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