More Pride and Prejudice, and Austen, advertisements

After my previous post about Pride and Prej being used to sell condoms, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled more than ever.  As a result, I stumbled across this advertisement on Facebook (of course, it caught my eye, and I actually “liked” an advertisement, which I have never done before).  I screen captured it and cropped it off my profile to put into this post.  If you have seen it before, let me know.  Obviously, Facebook advertisements work on the basis of key words in your profile (so for us Janeites this tends to appear) as well as on relationship status et cetera, which means that it can be a little creepy when it appears to read your mind.

It’s a bit boring, but it’s not like they can fit much in the sidebar. 

This advertisement from Nook, includes an excerpt presented in it that talks about Janeites and Pride and Prejudice (I definitely suggest reading it as well, it’s fairly interesting for such a teeny passage).  It’s probably a good idea that they included that as I would imagine that it is a bit of a literary dream for many of us.

However, probably the advertisement that takes today’s proverbial biscuit, is this Heineken commercial that I’ve pasted from youtube below.  In keeping with the norm for beer ads, it doesn’t make much sense at all (at least, I’m completely lost) and involves Mr. Darcy running in with a gun, and then starting a gun fight/piano-forte session with the Bennet family.  Of course, it is based around an entirely fictional scene from the book.  Despite this, I actually liked it and found it sort of funny.  It also seems quite well polished (then again, Heineken has plenty of money for this sort of thing) despite the poor video quality, which I suspect is the uploaders difficulty and not the creators.  What do you think of it? 

I think the juxtaposition at the beginning is fabulous (Voice over: “… comes their most explosive film yet”, uprising of classical music and onscreen caption: Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice).  This advertisement was apparently on tv over ten years ago (late nineties), so you’re forgiven if you haven’t seen it before! 

I think that Austen, Mr. Darcy and Pride and Prejudice are great subjects to make funny adverts out of, for the men, and to touch into that romantic self of women.  I’m sure there are plenty of commercials out there that take full advantage of P&P but I’m yet to see them.  Post links!

Have you seen any other advertisements that relate?  What do you think of these ones?  Are they even effective…?  And, any ideas for advertisements of your own?


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3 responses to “More Pride and Prejudice, and Austen, advertisements

  1. The blurb on the nook page is from the introduction to Pride and Prejudice in the B&N edition. The famous first page of the novel including the opening passage “It is a truth universally acknowledged” is also on a huge 6 foot tall banner in every B&N store across the US. I walk by it every work day. Of all of the books in the world to select for its advertisement of its eReader, B&N chose one that was “universally acknowledged” as recognizable. Go Jane!

    • thatjennie

      Thank you for letting me know about this! I don’t think we have Barnes & Noble over here in Australia (although, in light of that, I sort of wish we did!) I know, I thought it was pretty awesome 😀 that they chose it. 🙂

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