Pride and Prejudice in unexpected places

If you’re anything like my entire friendship group and I, you will see shreds of Pride and Prejudice pop up everywhere.  And I’m not just talking about the all-time overused (but still squeal worthy) insertion of “It is a truth universally acknowledged”.  It’s those passing mentions of Mr. Darcy in unexpected places that leave you smiling, and so that’s what I will be focussing on here.  (And in more blog posts to come, I’m sure!)

So here are a few places that Pride and Prejudice has popped up in the last few weeks:

Little Britain-
I’m not a fan of this comedy at all, I find it a bit stupid and I don’t understand the humour, which makes me feel stupid in turn, but I did find an episode of it that is PandP orientated.  The two main characters in this skit are Andy and Lou (David Williams and Matt Lucas), Andy pretends he is disabled and is in a wheelchair, so Lou does everything for him.  This episode is called “Pride and Prejudice” and uses a bit of the BBC version:

The Antiques Roadshow-
Unexpected, heck yes!  I watch this on a daily basis (I know, not even 20 yet and I’ve already entered into retired-with-ten-cats territory) and nearly spilled half a cup of tea down me in excitement.  The episode we (my brother and I) had on was filmed in the town where the BBC ’95 version was filmed, which I believe was Lacock in Wiltshire.  It was beautiful, and nice to hear a bit of general history about the place (which stretched back way past the Regency period).  I imagine it would have been annoying for the people living there to have camera crews bustling around, especially as it is apparently a very popular place for filming.

RocknRolla (2008)-
A London-based film about the British mafia/underbelly type thing.  It’s an underworld type movie that reminds me of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.  “A story of sex, thugs, rock ‘n’ roll” (yep, that’s the tagline in all its glory).  Within the piece the character Tank (Nonso Anozie)- this massive supposedly tough thug who I think is one of the Russian characters, watches Pride and Prejudice, Joe Wright 2005 film (according to ImDb, but I swear it was the BBC one) in his SUV while chatting with Archy.  I read a really interesting excerpt in a study guide about intertextuality in RocknRolla that said: “Pride and Prejudice is about the foibles of five lower-middle-class daughters trying to marry well” and then asks: “How might the theme of Pride and Prejudice connect to the relationship between Lenny and Johnny?”  It’s interesting to think about the deeper meaning of including Pride and Prejudice, rather than just for the humour sake of making a thuggish type character watch something generally seen as a chick-flick romantic type of series.

St Trinian’s (2007)-
There is a dog, belonging to Camilla Fritton, named Mr. Darcy in this film.  If you know much about Colin Firth, who plays Geoffrey Thwaites in this film, you’ll know that he dislikes his typecasting due to playing Darcy in the BBC ’95 Pride and Prejudice, and in this film the joke is carried on (to the point that his character accidentally kills the dog in the film).  I actually hadn’t seen this film before, but decided to watch it the other day… I’m not a huge fan but the Darcy joke evoked a giggle.  According to ImDb, again, there is a bit of an allusion to the wet-shirt scene, but in this case Colin Firth “has been thrown out of a window into a pool and rounds a corner in wet clothes carrying his jacket to bump into his romantic interest Camilla.”  Also, of interest, the film also starred Talulah Riley, the girl who played Mary Bennet in the ’05 P&P- I always thought she was far too pretty a Mary but is set to be a star.

Also, an amusing note, Gemma Arterton (who played Lizzy Bennet in Lost in Austen) was in both St Trinian’s and RocknRolla.

It gets to the point where Trivia questions about it stick out to you like a beacon.  So… Seen questions on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire that are Pride and Prejudice related (I know there is one out there that offers PandP as one of the wrong answers)?  Seen an advertisement that included a head-nod to our favourite novel?  Let me know!


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