Pride and Prejudice themed weddings

Love the book, love Mr. Darcy… but would you really theme your wedding on it?

The idea for this post was sparked when I saw the following video.  It’s a game that a (slightly geeky, but very cute) couple made as an original wedding invitation to their guests.  It’s a simple 8-bit (Mario-inspired) game design with a tonne of gaming jokes that you won’t really get unless you were a Nintendo kid.  It begins with the opening:

“The story so far: In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move. About 13.7 billion years later it is a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman in possession of an awesome party dress must be in want of a husband…”

It’s just very sweet.  But it’s not really the dream and elegant wedding that so many dream of.  Similarly, when I searched more for Pride and Prejudice weddings, I only managed to find a range of crude caricature head-nods to the beautiful romance of the nove.  For example, these invitations are just horrible and plain tacky for a wedding (but would be hilarious for a birthday party invitation or similar).  Supposedly it “evokes 18th Century charm”… I fail to see this.

But, what would evoke this?  Over at My ‘Pride and Prejudice’, there is a great post about possible (UK) venues for a wedding– the places that starred in the BBC production. 

Who else has had this sort of wedding? To get your eyes on a couple in full regency garb at their wedding, then check out this article from the Metro about Denise and Stuart Vaughan, which begins with a very humorous line and a great picture.

But sometimes doing the complete period-costume, authentic Regency style isn’t practical, flattering or inexpensive (and you’d have to catch a winner to have a man who would wear a top hat and all).  However, there are ways you can include a bit of Regency-Victorian charm without being too old-fashioned and wearing something musty!  I’ve done quite a lot of reading about how to include different themes into weddings and events, and the most extensive and original article, is The Victorian Theme Wedding, from ‘FavorIdeas’.  Some of the quirky suggestions in the piece include: Using vintage newspapers in the cocktail hour before the reception as well as supplying cigars and a cigar cutter (I think this idea is just too cute and reminiscent of the Regency smoking room), and in the comments below was the idea to use little teacups as favors. 

I also read somewhere about putting the wedding invitations on fans, or getting calligraphy lessons and some nice crafty paper to DIY your invites.  The great thing about a Victorian/Regency style wedding is that you can make things cheap by looking in smaller antique stores or ebay for old candelabras, vases and chairs (or rent them) or you can get a bit more pricey and get a custom-made costume dress, horse-drawn carriages, live violins, piano music and other authentic details. 

There are also many different themes that scream PRIDE AND PREJUDICE from the rooftops.  Lace, pearls, crystals, teacups and teapots (think mismatched table decorations), cameos and ribbons all indicate glam Regency.  People have suggested using dried roses, potpourri, and ornate cutlery.  I also remember reading about someone that had quotes from their favourite romantic novels written out as decorations on the tables (if done well, I think this could be lovely)- apparently it encouraged conversation, and I think a lot of Pride and Prejudice quotes would fit this idea perfectly.

The hairstyles for a Pride and Prejudice wedding are also pretty easy to come by.  Take a picture of any style (I especially love Keira Knightley’s hair in the Netherfield Park ball scene) to your hairdresser and they should be able to adapt to it.  You can also add little pearls, ribbons and veils to make it a bit more Regency-appropriate. 

To shake things up even more, what about going with the big cult-hit of the last year- Pride and Prejudice and Zombies wedding… check out this blog post from ‘Adventures of Sparkling Suz’ who decided that this would be the perfect theme for her wedding.  It sounds like it would’ve been fantastic, especially if the guests did get involved.


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  3. Kelly

    Ahh, those houses… I’m a little bit obsessed with hosting tea parties at the moment (since I don’t have a wedding to plan, I have to make do) but they would be oh so much better in a house like that!

    • thatjennie

      Tea parties are amazing. I went to high tea at my friend Pauline’s house, and it was just lovely- dainty saucers and cups *sighs*. The venues are stunning though I agree, tres magnifique!

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