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Top things that (almost) ruin Pride and Prejudice

There aren’t many things that deter me from my favourite book.  In fact, I can honestly say that most allusions to it make me fall even more deeply in love with the piece.  But, occasionally, I come across something that puts me in physical (okay maybe mental/emotional/spiritual but oh well) pain.  I’ve collected a few of these examples to express my anguish and to ask you… am I overreacting?  Are these things actually bad, fantasy destroying ventures or am I losing my mind?  Continue reading


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10,000 pounds a year…

After sitting back with a steaming cup of orange pekoe tea (it’s from Sri Lanka, did you know?) and a file of Pride and Prejudice fan fiction on my computer, I soon got drawn in.  Lavish modern scenes were thrown around Mr. Darcy, as he swans from one high class restaurant to another, from the Ritz to the Hilton.  It was a great hour or two, and then I suddenly thought… in today’s monetary terms, how much would ‘10,000 pounds a year’ actually be?  We know that it is a considerable sum, but enough to spend most of your life on a yacht?  Enough to randomly buy Lizzy a Ferrari or some other type of over-priced car?

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Caroline’s Letter to Lucy

Caroline Bingley, it seems, is often hard done by in Pride and Prejudice.  What’s really going on in her mind when she shuns the Bennet girls?  Why is she so jealous of Elizabeth?  Is there anything nice actually going through her head?  I decided to write a bit of fan fiction to the effect, as Caroline Bingley writing to an imaginary cousin called Lucy.  Continue reading

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The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet- Book Review

The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet- Collen McCullough (2008)

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Q&A with Marilla Wex

Marilla Wex, an actor, stand-up comedian and website builder, recently performed in the Grand Theatre’s (London, Ontario) production of Pride and Prejudice as Charlotte Lucas.  The 40-year-old, born in Stratford-On-Avon, UK, said that: “Being an actor was all I ever wanted to be from the age of four when I played Mary in the Nativity play in junior kindergarten and apparently bossed all of the shepherds around.  I was in every school play I could wheedle my way into from then on.”  


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Was Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’ based on Pride and Prejudice?

I actually like this 2008 song.  It’s a bit too cheesy, a bit too country and a bit too girly-girly for my usual tastes, but something about it makes me sing along to the chorus and get a bit wrapped up in the fairytale.  (I also find watching Kanye West parodies very funny.) However, this post is based on a bit of a rumour I have heard being repeated around. Basically, friends of mine have mentioned that Taylor Swift used Pride and Prejudice as inspiration for her chart-topping song ‘Love Story’… but what truth is there in this?  And why does it range from people saying she has ripped off 2005 P&P to saying that it’s nice she included Mr. Darcy?

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More Pride and Prejudice, and Austen, advertisements

After my previous post about Pride and Prej being used to sell condoms, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled more than ever.  As a result, I stumbled across this advertisement on Facebook (of course, it caught my eye, and I actually “liked” an advertisement, which I have never done before).  I screen captured it and cropped it off my profile to put into this post.  If you have seen it before, let me know.  Obviously, Facebook advertisements work on the basis of key words in your profile (so for us Janeites this tends to appear) as well as on relationship status et cetera, which means that it can be a little creepy when it appears to read your mind.

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Pride and Prejudice and condoms

For bad advertising, read this post: “Regency Condoms”

In August 2009, Trojan thought it would be a good idea to take our favourite Austen novel, mash together some of the famous lines and come up with a “Trojan 2Go” condom advertisement.  I guess the point isn’t to appeal to Janeites, and probably not even to women, and yet it still irritates me more than it should.  Perhaps it’s the lack of attention to detail, and the caricatures, but it really doesn’t sit well with me.  Nonetheless, it’s interesting viewing:

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Pride and Prejudice in unexpected places

If you’re anything like my entire friendship group and I, you will see shreds of Pride and Prejudice pop up everywhere.  And I’m not just talking about the all-time overused (but still squeal worthy) insertion of “It is a truth universally acknowledged”.  It’s those passing mentions of Mr. Darcy in unexpected places that leave you smiling, and so that’s what I will be focussing on here.  (And in more blog posts to come, I’m sure!)

So here are a few places that Pride and Prejudice has popped up in the last few weeks Continue reading

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Miss Austen Regrets (2008)

“The only way to get a man like Mr. Darcy is to make him up”- ‘Jane Austen’ fictionalized in Miss Austen Regrets

Before I say that I loved this little dramatized biography of Austen’s life (directed by Jeremy Lovering), I need to point out that it is a complete understatement.  I spammed my friends to watch this, because it was so insightful and heartfelt.  Obviously, any biographical material of Jane Austen (fictionalised or otherwise) will include great insight into Pride and Prejudice, by matter of association.  Miss Austen Regrets is no exception and I completely loved the small snippets of Darcy that we got through this BBC film. 

I’ve read some criticisms that Jane (played by Olivia Williams) is too sharp and mean in this production, with one user commenting on ImDb that Austen appeared “unpleasant, sarcastic and resentful” however I felt none of that.  I thought she was real and witty, and reminded me very much of Elizabeth Bennet (as well as a smidgen of Emma Woodhouse and even Elinor Dashwood at times).  Continue reading

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