Pride and Prejudice Drinking Game

Most of us university students love to drink (especially cheap, non-descript alcohol) but I think that drinking games can be harnassed by all Pride and Prejudice fans (after all, they constantly drunk themselves into stupors at balls and so forth- how else do you put up with wearing a corset?). 

Mostly Water Theatre did a fantastic live skit of this sort of idea, with the title “The Jane Austen Drinking Game”.  You will laugh your head off.   This is binge drinking like you have never seen it before:

There are some very specific games just for the Pride and Prejudice BBC miniseries, that I am definitely going to play with my friends.  Some of the rules include drinking when:

“1. Somebody says “Mr. Darcy” (just “Darcy” doesn’t count)
2. Mrs. Bennett flutters her hankerchief.
3. Mr. Collins makes a backwards compliment.”
(From the Facebook group: “Pride and Prejudice Mini-Series Drinking Game“)

I also laughed my head off at the drinking rules in the second Pride and Prejudice drinking group I found on Facebook.  I think they aim to get hammered within the first twenty minutes with rules that span taking a drink every time “Mr Collins looks minging (pretty much the entire time he’s on the screen)” and “Every time Lydia giggles in an annoying way” (Facebook Group: The Pride and Prejudice Drinking Game).

Similar things have been mentioned on Cocktail UK where it is ranked as one of their top rating games (4.5 stars our of 5).  They came up with some fantastic ideas such as “Every time Mr Collins is a schmuck.” and, a classic, “Whenever the words ‘pride’ or ‘prejudice’ are used”.

The best thing about this game?  It is completely customisable. My own rules would have to be taking a drink anytime one of the following things happen:
1) Lizzy argues with Mr. Darcy.
2) Mr. Darcy stares at Lizzy.
3) You want to hit Wickham.
4) You want to hit Lydia.
5) Mrs. Bennet makes you cringe.
6) Jane says something ridiculously nice.
7) The word “accomplished” or a variant is said.
8) Mr. Collins mentions Lady Catherine.
9) Mrs. Bennet mentions money (including someone else having it, or the Bennets lack thereof).

However, my absolute favourite post that I have read about drinking games and Jane Austen/Pride and Prejudice would have to be this highly amusing (to the point of actually L-O-Ling) blog post by someone called ‘Kate Racculia’ that has little gems in it like “Imbibe whenever: *Mrs. Bennet mentions her nerves and/or wears a ridiculous hat… *Lydia Bennet does or says something wanton and/or slutty” etc.  Plus, she makes a lot of sense when she mentions Darcy’s “MOLTEN EYE BEAMS”. 

Are you ready to play?  Any ideas for rules?


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6 responses to “Pride and Prejudice Drinking Game

  1. Kate Racculia

    Thanks for the link – SO glad you enjoyed! My roomies at the time and I had a ball coming up with it, and drinking ourselves blind in the name of Jane.

    • thatjennie

      I loved your post! I can’t wait to have a drinking game with my friends (and the members in my Austen book club) it’s going to be a ball! Keep me posted if you write anything else Austen/PandP related, I’d love to feature some more of your work.

    • Krista Siemion

      Your idea for a drinking game is absolutely perfect! I love the BBC miniseries, but I only have the updated version with Keira Knightley. Luckily for me, the same rules apply for both versions! Thank you so much for making my Friday!

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  4. Waiting for someone to say or do something before you can drink is a bad habit to get into. It establishes rules. That is the last thing you want. A real drunk doesn’t wait for anything. Real drunks will drink anytime, anywhere, and for any reason.
    Please stop limiting yourself with these ridiculous (and destructive) rules. Just indulge yourself. You deserve it.
    “Get drunk and be somebody.”

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