The Pride and Prejudice blogging challenge

I recently wrote a piece for Upstart, La Trobe University’s journalism online magazine, “for emerging journalists”.  They have a new ‘blogger series’ section that talks about new blogs.  And so, celebrating blog-dom, I have a Pride and Prejudice/Austen related challenge for those of you who keep blogs.

I want you to try and relate Pride and Prejudice to whatever the topic is that you blog about.  If you blog about music- why not review some of the soundtracks, or talk about music from the time.  If you blog about art, why not talk about some of the illustrations found in Pride and Prejudice editions, OR (even better) create some of your own art.  If, I don’t know, you talk about car racing, maybe talk about Regency carriages and how they compare to modern cars in terms of speed.

Write it, link it to this post within your blog (it pops up in my dashboard), and then comment below with your theme- and I will post them all up in a list here.  There is no specific length requirement, and I don’t really mind what you write about Pride and Prejudice.  However:


1) The post must be a new one.  No rehashing of old posts.  However, you can rewrite an old idea in a fresh way.

2) You must stay on-theme for your blog, if your blog has a theme.  If your theme is already Austen or Pride and Prejudice, write about your blogging experience or similar.  If it is ‘random musings’ or similar, write a bit of a reflection.

3) Let your blogging friends know about this challenge!  It’s great for all the Austen-ites.

So, get involved!  I’d love to see what your views are on Pride and Prejudice.  And if you don’t want to do this- then what are your personal experiences about blogging like?  Let me know.

Some of the lovely blogs who have taken part:

+ Manda Diaz, a journalism student from Sydney, has written a fantastic 21st Century look at Elizabeth Bennet on her blog ‘Memoirs of a Word Nerd’. I recommend checking this out if you want a chuckle and to find yourself nodding in agreement- Elizabeth Bennet: Fast Bitch.

+ InFaithWeStand from ‘Baklava and Chai’, in anecdotes, has written a great piece about personality types and Mr Darcy in the post ‘The problem with being Mr Darcy’.  Take a look, and find out if you are a Mr. Darcy, a Jane Austen or an Elizabeth Bennet.

+Amy, also known as Capeeka from ‘Capeeka Studios’, is a great friend of mine and a fantastic artist from Australia who has created a lovely fan-art drawing of Elizabeth Bennet that she has blogged about on her artsy blog.  The picture is beautiful and shows a lot of that defiant, Lizzy-esque spirit!  She has also mentioned The Bennet Sisters in her great “Top Ten Japanese Dramas” post, which you should definitely check out.

+Jeane, who runs the Pride and Prejudice ’05 fan blog‘, writes her post ‘Confessions of a P&P blogger’.  It’s a fantastic look at how her opinions have changed over time, how it caused her to post over 865 blog articles about Pride and Prejudice, and what keeps her coming back to it time and time again.  It’s a lovely read, and a fantastic addition to the blogging challenge!


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12 responses to “The Pride and Prejudice blogging challenge

  1. Manda

    Ooh interesting. Now I have to figure out exactly what my blog is about. I described it to someone the other day as being about pop culture and social awkwardness. Now how to relate that to P and P.

    • thatjennie

      Hahaha :D. Yay, I’m excited to see what you come up with. Like, REALLY excited 😀 :D.


      • thatjennie

        Also, I defs recommend emailing Upstart to do a blogging piece with them. It was a good laugh :). Always nice to talk to other people interested in journalism, and to give your blog some publicity!

  2. Amy Nati

    I shall do it!! Should I do a piece of fanart? Give me something to do, and I’ll do it~~

  3. Hmm, very interesting post/topic/challenge…great idea too. I’m not very good with challenges, lol…but I love and talk about P&P a lot…and obviously, my blog’s about P&P…and let’s see if I’ll think of something new that I haven’t posted on my P&P Blog… 🙂

    • thatjennie

      Thanks for checking the challenge out- I can’t wait to see what you cone up with! Make sure you comment below when you have written it so I can add it to the list above!
      I love your blog- as is obvious hence my PandP blog list.
      Keep me posted 🙂
      and if you want to chat about Austen, feel free to email

  4. Hey, Jennifer! I posted about my P&P Blogging experience…but I’m probably too late to post it here, lol. I posted it on my P&P blog recently. I’ve been busy, so I didn’t get to post it till late last month. Anyway, if you want to read it. Here’s the link:

    • thatjennie

      Hi! Not a problem! Sorry, I’ve been a little all over the place as well. I will add your blog to this page etc! Thank you for taking part, I’ll have a read and comment on it tonight :).

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