Pride and Predator movie 2010

Was a Rocket Pictures Production inspired by a MARVEL-illustrated joke?  Was the idea stolen?  Or is it merely a coincidence…?

(Image: Blair Marnell’s concept ‘Pride and Predator’ visualised by Chris Jeffrey, MARVEL comics- Colourist, and John Heebink) Sourced from: SilverBulletComicbooks

What possibly started out as an amusing idea as a prank in 2006 (by Blair Marnell) is being turned into a movie.  Yes, that’s right, Pride and Prejudice and PREDATORS.  As in those creepy looking things from the Alien vs. Predator movie and so on.  I’ve been waiting for more information about this to be posted up for a while, as there have been some sketchy details floating around.

Elton John’s Rocket Pictures are supposedly going ahead with this, and it is meant to be released this year, 2010, according to IMDb.  But, surely, they will rethink this?- P&P&Zombies is surely going to cause such a stir that you don’t really want to release a very similar film (with an even more similar storyline) within the same eight months of each other.

Director: Will Clark
Producers: Steve Hamilton Shaw and David Furnish
Wishful thinking: James McAvoy is going to be voice acting as a pixie in another production (The shakespeare spin-off ‘Gnomeo and Juliet’) by Rocket as well, so maybe they could drag him into it?  AND Emily Blunt is voice acting in that production as well.  Dream team?
Storyline: Aliens crash-land at Longbourn and are hostile… turns Regency period drama into action flick.
Scriptwriters: Will Clark, Andrew Kemble, John Pape
Music: Elton John said to be keeping an eye on this area.

But what’s happening?  Shooting was said to be starting in London in late 2009, and yet I’ve heard nothing of it.  This is also, according to the video below, supposedly a “straight” horror story… with a dubious origin.

The rumour thing.  I watched this youtube video that talks about how it was an April fools joke back in ’06 that involved the creation of the cover seen at the top of this post.  Look, I don’t know how much truth there is in what these people are saying… but it does seem like an awfully STRANGE coincidence.  And I don’t think they are taking too kindly to it (referring to it as stealing below) and I’m not sure that I blame them for not believing that there was “the offchance that it was developed independently”.

What do you think?  Was the idea stolen?  Or do “crazy coincidences just happen like that” as Jason Aaron suggests on ‘comics on comics radio’ embedded above?  … And if it was stolen… what now?

Ed: As of April 24th, I received an email from Blair Marnell who told me the following: “…everything we said in the video about the genesis of that idea is true. I came up with the concept in 2006 and posted it at Silver Bullet Comic Books (now called Comics Bulletin) on April 1, 2006.
I referenced it a year later on Comic Space:
We originally recorded that podcast on Youtube in March 2009, shortly after news broke on the Elton John Pride & Predator movie (which I initially thought was a joke)
I haven’t heard anything about the movie since then, so I have no idea if it will actually happen or not”

I’m going to ask for a bit of a favour here.  I haven’t been able to find many sources, other than what is presented here, to explain further.  If you find any information (maybe the ‘comics by comics’ video is a joke or maybe Rocket Pictures made it first) then please send it to me- enjoy!  Also, if anything that I have presented is inaccurate in any way, let me know ASAP.

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