Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Freeverse Game UPDATE

Doing the usual Google and stumbled across the fact that a few people have played the PPZ game (see my previous post about the iPhone app if you haven’t already).  Don’t rush to your iPad yet though… it isn’t actually out yet.  The lucky buggers over at The Unofficial Apple Weblog were given a sneak preview play of the game.  I am incredibly jealous.

Although they were only shown an early build of the game (I’m assuming it has been developed since then as it is due out by the end of the month), but it sounds like fun.  It says it has the gore and the elegance of the 18th Century all mingled in together.  Fun!  I really suggest going and reading the post right now, as it gives some fantastic details about what is included in the game: “At one point, the Bennet sisters use the “Pentagram of Death” to clear enemies on the screen, and the graphics jump into a Voltron-style animation”- Mike Schramm.  And apparently there are a load of references to other classic cult-geek games within, so that should be a bit of a laugh.

By the sounds of the gameplay that was described it will be very similar to what we see in a few other games.  The virtual joystick described by Schramm reminds me of the latest Avatar game out ( James Cameron’s Avatar LITE- Gameloft) as this has a similar sort of style.  Check it out! 

It’s nice to hear that it has a lot of reading to do in it (that makes sense!).  It was also mentioned that they plan to do DLC if possible.  That’s Downloadable Content for those who aren’t all that up-to-speed with the techy terms!  I assume, in my limited gaming knowledge, that this means a LITE/FREE version of the game will be downloadable.

The price is currently predicted at $4.99 (which is roughly around my estimates from before) but this could change. 

So… will you play it?

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