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The Real Jane Austen BBC Documentary (2002)

“Jane lived in a world where it was universally ackowledged that marriage was a market and this would become the central theme of her novels.”


This documentary, one of BBC’s “films for humanities and sciences”, directed by Nicky Patterson, uses potential look-alikes to Austen’s family, dressed in character, to present the information in a wonderful way.  They role-play as the family members, including Jane herself, as though they are being personally interviewed for the documentary. 

It is narrated by Anne Chancellor, the actress of 1995 BBC/A&E Caroline Bingley, who is also related to Jane Austen herself (by some long, winding road of genetics).  It also includes clips from that well-loved version of Pride and Prejudice. Continue reading


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Pride and Prejudice Drinking Game

Most of us university students love to drink (especially cheap, non-descript alcohol) but I think that drinking games can be harnassed by all Pride and Prejudice fans (after all, they constantly drunk themselves into stupors at balls and so forth- how else do you put up with wearing a corset?). 

Mostly Water Theatre did a fantastic live skit of this sort of idea, with the title “The Jane Austen Drinking Game”.  You will laugh your head off.   This is binge drinking like you have never seen it before:

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Q&A with Alexa Adams

Alexa Adams- Author of First Impressions- A Tale of Less Pride & Prejudice

Alexa Adams, an Austenite, blogger, author and a fan of travelling has taken the time to answer some questions for us.  Continue reading


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The Pride and Prejudice blogging challenge

I recently wrote a piece for Upstart, La Trobe University’s journalism online magazine, “for emerging journalists”.  They have a new ‘blogger series’ section that talks about new blogs.  And so, celebrating blog-dom, I have a Pride and Prejudice/Austen related challenge for those of you who Continue reading


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Pride and Predator movie 2010

Was a Rocket Pictures Production inspired by a MARVEL-illustrated joke?  Was the idea stolen?  Or is it merely a coincidence…?

(Image: Blair Marnell’s concept ‘Pride and Predator’ visualised by Chris Jeffrey, MARVEL comics- Colourist, and John Heebink) Sourced from: SilverBulletComicbooks

What possibly started out as an amusing idea as a prank in 2006 (by Blair Marnell) is being turned into a movie.  Yes, that’s right, Pride and Prejudice and PREDATORS.  As in those creepy looking things from the Alien vs. Predator movie and so on.  Continue reading

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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Freeverse Game UPDATE

Doing the usual Google and stumbled across the fact that a few people have played the PPZ game (see my previous post about the iPhone app if you haven’t already).  Don’t rush to your iPad yet though… Continue reading

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Top 5 other Pride and Prejudice blogs

I absolutely love blogging for you, however not only is there a huge (and fantastic) fan base for Pride and Prejudice and Austen related things, but there are a tonne of information-crammed sites out there that are definitely worth taking the time out to view, particularly if you are a devoted fan. Continue reading


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Q&A with Caleb and Maia- lead actors 2010 Pride and Prejudice film!

As I recently posted in my Q&A with Bonnie Mae (screenwriter, producer and director) there is a fantastic upcoming movie this year, 2010, from PaperCut Productions LLC– a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice!  Not only did I have the absolute pleasure of speaking with Bonnie, but the two lead actors Caleb Grusing and Maia Petee (seen in the pic below), playing Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet (of course!), have answered a whole tonne of questions that we’ve been dying to ask.

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Is Elizabeth Bennet a heartless bitch?

Well, according to HBI (that’s Heartless Bitches International) she is.  Elizabeth Bennet, along with Whoopi Goldberg, Hatshepsut, Joan of Arc, Georgia O’Keefe and Margaret Thatcher, is apparently an “Honorary Heartless Bitch”.  But is this as terrible, and downright mean, as it sounds?  And why would you list a fictional character along with the likes of Aretha Franklin and Virgina Woolf? Continue reading

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Tea with the Bennet sisters?

You have to love sitting down with a good book, and a nice cup of tea (or coffee if, y’know, you haven’t had much sleep or something).  So why not do this proper Pride and Prejudice style?  It seems as though the latest literary trend is related crockery… so I’m bringing to you here the best dressed of the Pride and Prejudice themed cups and tea-related goodies so you too can enjoy your Earl Gray or your English Breakfast in true Regency-fan comfort!  (Perhaps even treat your Mum for Mother’s Day?)

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